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My SYNAPSE teammates were crowned champions in Japan today in Tokyo at Korkuen Hall.  AKIRA defeated “The Japanese Buzzsaw” TAJIRI to become the very first WNC (Wrestling New Classic) Champion in history in the tournament finals.  AKIRA defeated Adam Angel in the first round, former ECW World Champion Tommy Dreamer in the second round, and TAJIRI in the finals.

02 photo by Yuichi Kojima 03 photo by Yuichi Kojima 04 photo by Yuichi Kojima

Consecutively, Syuri became the first WNC Women’s Champion, defeating team DQN’s Nagisa Nozaki in the finals.  In the opening round, Syuri defeated Lin Bairon to advance to the second round, where she defeated FCF Wrestling’s gender bender Jessica Love, and then Nozaki in the finals.

05 photo by Yuichi Kojima 06 photo by Yuichi Kojima 01 photo by Yuichi Kojima

Big props and a huge salute to my SYNAPSE teammates on their dual victories in Tokyo today!

(Photos by Yuichi Kojima)

Syuri AKIRA StarBuck


I will be traveling to Tokyo, Japan once again next week, to take part in the Wrestling New Classic championship title tournament, to be held on Friday, October 26 at Korakuen Hall.

In the first round, I meet my former FCF teammate Hajime Ohara, whom I severed ties with this past July.  I have defeated Ohara on several occasions, dropping him with my world-famous jumping spike-piledriver every time, and I expect this outing will be no different, as I vie for the beautiful new WNC title belt.

A look at the tournament brackets for the WNC title tourament

Last year on October 28, 2011 in Tokyo, I defeated “The Japanese Buzzsaw” TAJIRI in the SMASH title tournament finals to become the very first SMASH Champion in history.  One year later, I am looking to make good and become the very first WNC Champion in history also.

Here is a look at the new men’s and women’s WNC title belts

For more infos, go the WNC website!

StarBuck defeats Ohara in Osaka, Japan in a match from July 2012



Last night, October 6th in Nurmes, Finland, I faced the brand new FCF Wrestling Champion, King Kong Karhula, in his first title defense to date.

Karhula locks a vicious chinlock on me

Karhula won the strap on August 25th in Helsinki, defeating 4-time former FCF Champion, Valentine, in the finals of a two-day title tournament.  After seven years in the wrestling game, Karhula finally won the big one, cementing his legacy among the elite in the European professional wrestling field.

My skull literally ricochets off of the ringpost during the ringside brawl

Last night, Karhula brought the most vicious A-game that he had within him, knowing that I was in the hunt for my 5th FCF Championship to date also.  The last time I held the coveted title was in 2010, when I both won and lost the belt to and from “The Japanese Buzzsaw” TAJIRI in Tokyo, on both occasions.

The ringpost shot put a goose egg on my cranium and the blood pours out

I had been struck with a debilitating influenza virus infection for over six weeks, and going into this match, I still was not at 100% physically.  That is no excuse as to how things played out in the end, but it stands to take into consideration when looking back on this match.  I had not been able to perform cardiovascular workouts during my sick spell, and this detail taxed me severely in last night’s encounter.

I rally back at Karhula with huge blows that rock the FCF Champion

Karhula and I fought tooth and nail – from technical, mat-based wrestling to full-out brawling with both fists blazing – throughout the contest, going 23:26 total match time … and I must say, this was one of my toughest matches in Finland over the past nine years that pro wrestling has been domestically promoted here.

THIS … is the proverbial face of rage unleashed

Karhula survived my superkick – a feat which very few have EVER accomplished, anywhere I have wrestled in the world – and came back with a series of World’s Strongest Slams to finally finish me off for the coup de grâce.

Bombs away — dropping the big elbow off of the top rope

I really must say that all things considered, under the circumstances, I gave it my best shot and did my all, but the better man won last night.  Still, I say “the better man” only concerning “last night”.  If Karhula is willing to take me on when I am at 100%, without any sicknesses or physical limitations, I challenge him to another match for his title.

After knocking the big ape to his knees, I feed him a wicked superkick

Still, the fact remains: King Kong Karhula is a force to be reckoned with on the European pro wrestling circuit.  Very few wrestlers have gotten the one-up on Yours Truly in Europe over the past few years, and to claim a win over StarBuck definitely carries weight and makes a statement in our business.

The World’s Strongest Slam spells the end of the match … for me

King Kong Karhula goes from here to DOMination 6 in Helsinki on October 27th for his next title defense, whereas I head to Japan for the Wrestling New Classic title tournament on October 26 in Tokyo, facing my former teammate, Hajime Ohara, in the first round.

King Kong Karhula retains the FCF Championship after the dust settles

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In just over a week, I will be fighting for the first time in my career in a barbed wire grudge match in Japan for Wrestling New Classic.  My trio with AKIRA and Syuri will face the vengeance-hungry team of TAJIRI, Mikey Whipwreck and Kana, and there it is guaranteed that there will be blood.  It all comes down on August 30th at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo.

From there, my team will do battle against TAJIRI’s trio on August 31st in Osaka and on September 1st in Toyohashi, and these encounters will also be barbed wire matches.  You can be sure that none of us will be the same after the dust settles next week across Japan!  My team is undaunted however, and we will show once again how we dominate, just as we did on our last tour of Japan.

First however, I will be gunning for my fifth FCF Championship title reign at DOMination 5 in Helsinki, Finland on August 24&25th, as over a two-day period a tournament will be held to crown a new titleholder.  It was 2010 last that I held the FCF crown, defeating TAJIRI in Tokyo on July 24 that year, before losing it back to TAJIRI on November 22, 2010 in Tokyo also.

In round one on Friday, August 24th, I will fight in the main event in a triple threat match against King Kong Karhula and “Wildman” Heimo Ukonselkä.  The winner of that match goes on the next night to advance to the semi-finals, and should they be victorious, the finals on the same night.

I will be leaving this coming Monday, July 30th for a wrestling tour with WNC (Wrestling New Classic) throughout Japan at the beginning of August.

On August 2nd at Shinjuku FACE Arena in Tokyo, I will team with AKIRA and Syuri will face TAJIRI,  Hajime Ohara and Kana in the Wrestling New Classic main event.  From there I move on with my new team to establish wrestling dominance in Osaka on August 3rd, Hiroshima on August 4th, Hakata on August 6th and Kagoshima on August 7th.

This past week, I wrestled in Rome, Italy at Rainbow Magicland, which is a huge theme park outside the city.  Every day about 10 000 people visit Magicland, and on July 24 IWS Wrestling ran a show at the establishment.  I wrestled against huge black wrestler Tiny Iron, who has been a bodyguard for bands like The Black-Eyed Peas, Beyoncé and 50 Cent.  I was disqualified in the match when Michael Kovac of Austria and Leo Cristiani of Spain interfered on my behalf.

“Half man, half amazing” Tiny Iron

This week on Saturday, July 28 I wrestle against Finnish academic standout and brash rookie Mikko Maestro in Kerava, Finland for FCF Wrestling at SummerSmash 3.

SummerSmash 3 in Kerava, Finland at 16:00 on July 28,

As I wrote just a few days back, I dissolved Team FCF in Japan, the contingent I had with Hajime Ohara, after Ohara failed to produce in our last tag team match on July 15 in Tokyo.

I am proud to introduce my new teammates: AKIRA and Syuri!

Syuri, AKIRA and StarBuck

On August 2nd at Shinjuku FACE Arena in Tokyo, our trio will face TAJIRI, Ohara and female star Kana in the Wrestling New Classic main event.  From there I move on with my new team to establish wrestling dominance in Osaka on August 3rd, Hiroshima on August 4th, Hakata on August 6th and Kagoshima on August 7th.

More infos at the WNC website!

I just returned back home to Finland from a double-header with Wrestling New Classic in Tokyo and Osaka on May 15 & 16.

The big news coming out of my latest wrestling excursion the Land of the Rising Sun is that Team FCF is no more: I have disassociated myself with Hajime Ohara after our team failed to defeat TAJIRI and Naomichi Marufuji (of NOAH fame) at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo on Sunday, May 15.

Ohara was under tight scrutiny in Tokyo (photo by Yuichi Kojima)

First of all, I have to say that I was greatly honored to be in the ring opposite Marufuji, who is widely considered to be one of the greatest active pro wrestlers today out of Japan.  The man is just an amazing talent, and I would one day love to get the chance to wrestle him one-on-one.  Time will tell if that comes to fruition!

Marufuji elbow smashes StarBuck with full force (photo by Yuichi Kojima)

Ohara had been on an extended losing streak as of late, and I had forwarned Ohara that he had better bring his A-game to the matches when I arrived in Japan. After falling to Marufuji’s Sliced Bread finishing drop, Ohara pleaded with Yours Truly in an attempt to make amends for his shortcomings in that bout. I had however made up my mind that I was moving on, and in so doing I dropped my former teammate with my infamous spike piledriver, shocking the fans on hand into stunned silence.

The Tokyo crowd is hushed as I have dropped Ohara (photo by Susumu Tobari)

The next night on May 16 in Osaka, I clashed with Ohara in the main event of the card, making our separation final. Ohara fought tooth and nail for all he was worth, putting up a valiant and spirited fight, but in the end I managed to catch him out with a double-thrustkick to the abdomen, which set him up for my piledriver once again. The finishing pinfall was academic at that point, as there was no way Ohara was rising any time soon.

War of attrition! (photo by Nobuya Iwatsubo)

After the match, I took the microphone and made a public statement to my former charge, telling him “No more FCF, no more Ohara!”. This only served to incite Ohara more, so much so that he tried to attack me with his last reserves, but I quickly pummeled him into the ground, bringing out TAJIRI to pull us apart before I could inflict further damage.

The definitive pinfall as StarBuck defeats Ohara (photo by Nobuya Iwatsubo)

At this point, all I can say is that I have already amassed a new contingent, and very soon I will release the blockbuster announcement about my new team to the world!

Japanese pro wrestling will never be the same.

Get ready!