One year ago on July 1, 2011 in Helsinki, I faced Sweden’s top wrestler Killer Karlsson at an FCF Wrestling event entitled DOMination 2.  It was a long-awaited showdown, as Finland and Sweden have had a blood-rivalry going back many decades.  As the pioneer of Finnish pro wrestling, I was not only representing myself, I was representing the country that my parents were born in, as I clashed with Karlsson in our first meeting.  To say that our duel was highly-spirited would be a grandiose understatement, as the fans packed into Helsinki’s DOM club venue roared with every blow that I dealt out to the big Swede.

During our match at DOMination 2, Karlsson got himself intentionally disqualified and proceeded to beat me senseless with his metal Swedish flagpole.  It sounds almost as if he was defacing his own country by using his own flag to perpetrate his actions.  Karlsson left me laying in the ring, gasping for breath, as I got choked out on top of it all before the dust settled.

Now, upcoming at DOMination 4 on June 28 in Helsinki, I get my chance at retribution in a No-Holds-Barred match against Killer Karlsson.  Anything goes on June 28th, and that means I can pound a mudhole into Karlsson with his own flagpole, should be bring one, and there is nothing the official can do about it.  As a matter of fact, I can use any furniture that isn’t nailed down to beat Karlsson black and blue.  Hell, I can even use whatever IS nailed down!

See clips above of my first match against Karlsson on my latest DVD release, available at DOMination 4 on June 28 in Helsinki

Make sure to get tickets to this huge event now through and save a couple of Euros in the process.

This weekend, I will be in Stockholm, Sweden, training the STHLM Wrestling roster over a two-day seminar tomorrow and Sunday.  I will also be wrestling in a special VIP-members only invite-event on Saturday night against STHLM Wrestling’s Scandinavian Shiva.

I am also proud to mention that FCF Wrestling broke the mainstream media barrier in Finland today, with a huge, feature cover story on our promotion in the nation’s leading newspaper Helsingin Sanomat in the weekend NYT-Liite attachment.  Check out the scan below, and be sure to pick it up if you live in Finland!

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