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Alas, as the Good Book says, there is a time and place for all things under heaven.  And so it was this past Friday night, August 10, that after 397 days as the undisputed Valhalla Nordic Wrestling Champion, I was dethroned by “Kid Fury” Timmy Force in Stockholm, Sweden in a 30-minute Iron Man match with a final score of 4-3 as the time ran out.


I make no excuses and place no complaints.  The better man won that night.  Timmy brought his A-game to the show and he managed to survive at the end just as I was about to tie the match at 4-4, which would have made the bout a draw.  I spike piledrove Timmy in the final 15-seconds of the outing, after which he managed to roll out of the ring to the floor so I had to waste precious time in retrieving him and rolling him back into the ring to make the elusive pinfall to even the score.  But it was not to be.  The time simply ran out.


Once again, I have to say that the Swedish crowd is one of the most hostile, anti-conservative, liberal-minded, hipster audiences that I have ever worked in front of.  They absolutely hated me.  That said, they got more than their emotional satisfaction’s worth when Timmy was declared the winner and new Valhalla Nordic Wrestling Champion.


There’s only one thing that young “Kid Fury” needs to know, and that is the fact that the only place to go from the top is down.  I’ve climbed back up the mountain so many times in my long wrestling career that it’s already a familiar path for me.  I know how the ball bounces and how to reclaim former glories.  In so saying, Timmy, you had better enjoy your day in the sun, ‘cos this old warhorse is back on the hunt and trust me as I tell you: your days as Valhalla Nordic Wrestling Champion are numbered.


And I’m the one that has your number.

(Photos by Maksim Lion)



This week on Friday, August 10, I will defend my Valhalla Nordic Wrestling Championship title in a long-awaited rematch against Timmy Force at an place called Under Bron in Stockholm.

StarBuck vs Timmy Force Valhalla Nordic title match Iron Man

It was last year on July 8, 2017 that I defeated Timmy in an all-time Nordic classic lasting almost a half-hour to become the undisputed Valhalla Nordic titleholder after being named interim champ by STHLM Wrestling owner Samantha Fox (YES, that Samantha Fox, famous pop star from the ’80s) and STHLM Wrestling president Messiah Hallberg.

Now, just over one year later in the same city where I won the strap, I’ll be defending it once again in a 30-minute Iron Man match, where the rules stipulate that the man with the most decisions within 30-minutes claims the championship.  Falls can be accumulated by pinfall, submission, countout or disqualification.  Once the time-limit expires, the wrestler with the most falls wins the match and lays claim to the Valhalla Nordic title.

Timmy Force put up a hell of a fight last year, wowing and impressing even the WWE staff that was on hand to witness our classic encounter, so I can only expect that he will bring his A-game to the championship match this Friday at Under Bron.

Timmy has had one year to get better, to improve his game, up the ante and work the kinks out of his collective machine.  Now, he has as good of an opportunity as he is ever going to get to vie for my title, so he’d better have put in the work if plans on having a chance against me in Stockholm.

This August 10 match will be my seventh title defense after winning the Valhalla Nordic championship back on July 8 last year.

Valhalla Nordic Wrestling Championship StarBuck vs Timmy Force.jpg


The folks in Finland have the chance to see the Valhalla Nordic Wrestling Championship defended for the first time on Finnish soil, since I cemented my status as the undisputed champion back on July 8, when, as the interim champ, I defeated Sweden’s Timmy Force to eliminate the “interim” part of the equation.

In that tremendous July 8 encounter back in Stockholm, I took Timmy to 30-minutes of pain, blues and agony (although, I have to say the young man kept hanging in there, putting up one hell of a fight), before I put him away with my world-famous jumping spike piledriver.

StarBuck vs Timmy Force VALHALLA Nordic Championship 6

The finish from July 8 in Stockholm (photo: Fredrik Streiffert)

That match was contested under the auspices of STHLM Wrestling, and under their rules, my finisher is banned, due to it’s risky nature.  Nonetheless, the official in charge of the match failed to see me hit my move, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Now, on September 2 in Helsinki at FCF Wrestling‘s Wrestling Show Live! event, the main event features a rematch between young Timmy and myself.  If our all-time classic showdown in Stockholm on July 8 serves as any indicator, this rematch should be off-the-charts!

The place: Pressa nightclub
Eteläinen rautatiekatu 4, 00100 Helsinki

Doors 16:00
Showtime 17:00

Tickets in advance through Tiketti 16,50€/11,50€
Tickets at the door 20€/15€


I just got home late last night after wrestling one of the most satisfying, and arguably greatest, matches of my life in Stockholm, Sweden this past Saturday night.  Man, oh man… what a match it was!

Valhalla Nordic Wrestling Championship belt

It’s funny to think, that here at age 44, I am still pulling rabbits out of the proverbial hat, proving that age is just a number and wine really does get better with age.  After all, I’ve lived, breathed, bled and sweat this business we call professional wrestling for damn near a quarter-century already.  A tiger cannot change its stripes and experience just makes you wiser and more cunningly dangerous as the years accumulate.

July 8, 2017 will go down in the annals of professional wrestling history as one of the most significant events in Nordic grappling lore.  It was the night that I stepped into the ring as the interim – and first – Valhalla Nordic Wrestling Champion, to face the challenge of a young man nearly half my age, the current STHLM Wrestling Champion, “Kid Fury” Timmy Force.

StarBuck vs Timmy Force VALHALLA Nordic Championship 2

I remember holding a training camp back in 2014 in Langå, Denmark, attended by over 20 wrestling students from four different countries, and young Timmy Force was one of those students at that time.  He had limited experience, being a raw rookie in our industry, and he wanted to get better and up his personal ante.  I was amazed back then at the natural ability of this kid.  He took to everything like a fish to water, and it would have been easy to believe that he had been wrestling already for at least a year, simply gauging by the skill level that he exhibited even early on then.

StarBuck vs Timmy Force VALHALLA Nordic Championship 3

At the end of the training camp in Langå that summer, the DPW (Danish Pro Wrestling) office that hosted the camp, decided to hold a student show on the final day, to give the boys a chance to prove their wares in front of a VIP/invitation-only audience.  Timmy faced another fellow Swede, who has since come to be known as J.O. Hansen on the Swedish wrestling circuit.  They had one hell of a capable and credible wrestling match on that student show, proving to me, as their coach, that both guys were on the track to pro wrestling stardom, if only they could keep their heads level and their bodies healthy.

StarBuck vs Timmy Force VALHALLA Nordic Championship 1

Timmy Force has risen like a phoenix in the Swedish wrestling scene.  He has garnered high-profile victories over the likes of even New Japan Pro Wrestling star Juice Robinson in the past couple of years, and has gone the distance with much more experienced foes like Matt Sydal (Evan Bourne in WWE).  In short, my prediction back in 2014, that Timmy would become a star in this business, became a prophesy come true.

StarBuck vs Timmy Force VALHALLA Nordic Championship 4

Alas, come July 8, 2017, it is only fitting that Timmy Force would have to face the greatest challenge of his young career.  It was the day that he would have to step into the ring with his former coach, “The Rebel” StarBuck, in front of a red-hot, rabid Stockholm homefront crowd, that wanted so desperately to see Timmy take the ultimate prize, the Valhalla Nordic Wrestling Championship.

StarBuck vs Timmy Force VALHALLA Nordic Championship 5

And so it was, that for a good half-hour, Timmy Force fought, kicked, scratched and clawed at the elusive golden ring, in his spirited attempt to wrestle it away from it’s momentary proprietor, me.

Timmy did everything he could, fought valiantly, showed fire, hit his moves with crisp precision… everything in his power… to claim the ultimate prize waiting at the end of it all.

But it was not to be.

StarBuck vs Timmy Force VALHALLA Nordic Championship 6

When all was said and done, Timmy Force was bloody, battered and beaten, in front of a hometown crowd that was on the verge of a frenzy.

StarBuck’s infamous finisher, the jumping spike piledriver, once again took this old boy to the bank.  It was the move that cemented me in wrestling lore for all time as the first UNDISPUTED Valhalla Nordic Wrestling Champion!

Now, let the challengers line up.  Let them come, one by one.  Let them try to wrest this golden grail or Nordic supremacy away from the old lion!  Let them all come, and let them all fall… and bow… to the KING.

StarBuck vs Timmy Force VALHALLA Nordic Championship 7

(Photos: Fredrik Streiffert)

Big news!  As the newly appointed interim Valhalla Nordic Wrestling Champion, my first title defense has now been set for July 8 in Stockholm, Sweden!

I will be defending the new belt against the challenge of fast-rising young Swedish star, Timmy “Kid Fury” Force.


I recall back a few years ago in Denmark, when I was coaching the DPW Fake or Break summer camp in 2014, young Timmy was a part of the student body on hand.  I noted his skill and natural aptitude even back then, believing that one day, he would be a star.

Alas, come 2017, Timmy Force has risen to the upper tier of Swedish pro wrestling, even recently holing a couple of different Swedish championship titles as recently as this year.  The host promotion of the inaugural Nordic Championship title showdown, STHLM Wrestling, gave Swedish fans the chance to vote for which Swedish wrestler they would like to see challenge for my newly assigned Valhalla Nordic title, and Timmy came out on top in the public fan voting.

Now, on July 8, at Arenavägen 75 in Stockholm, Timmy Force faces the toughest opponent of his young life.  He faces Yours Truly, the champion himself, the most successful professional wrestler in history in all of Nordic history, beyond any shadow of a doubt.

July 8 will be history in the making, folks.  Make plans to be there (tickets available HERE), as the best wrestlers from all around Scandinavia and the Nordics will be on hand, representing their home promotions and countries.

Nordic Wrestling Championship

This past weekend, some major developments were made over in Sweden, where the brass of STHLM Wrestling, along with European pop rock legend, Samantha Fox, came together to name Yours Truly as the interim Valhalla Nordic Wrestling Champion!


Samantha Fox vouches for StarBuck also!

I have to mention here, that when I was in my early-20’s, I had a large poster of Samantha Fox adorning my wall, much like many other strapping young lads at the time.  She was the quintessential blonde babe and sex symbol of the 1980s before Pamela Anderson rolled into the picture and Baywatch caught on.  Below is a pic of the poster I just mentioned, as I stumbled on this online.  It’s one of her most popular poses and pics.


And here is one of her most popular – if not THE most popular – song that Samantha Fox ever released…

I am the first titleholder of this new Nordic championship, and the decision to crown me was based simply on my longevity and standing as the most successful and acclaimed professional wrestler in history out of Northern Europe.

On July 8 in Stockholm, wrestlers from Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden will ascend upon the capital to do warfare and when the dust settles, the undisputed Valhalla Nordic Wrestling Champion will rise.  Trust me, I heartily plan on that man being me.  “The Rebel” StarBuck.

A bevy of Nordic wrestling promotions are all sending their top guns to the event on July 8: Norway’s NWF, Halmstad Wrestling out of Sweden, GBG Wrestling out of Sweden, SWS Wrestling out of Sweden, Bodyslam Pro Wrestling out of Denmark, DPW out of Denmark, FCF Wrestling out of Finland, in addition to STHLM Wrestling, the host organization, will have their best wrestlers present to compete at this mega-event.

Nordic Wrestling Championship

Me personally, I find it somewhat peculiar, that my autobiography about my life in pro wrestling, Battleground Valhalla, came out just a week ago, and now, one week later, the Nordic Wrestling Championship is bestowed upon me.

The Nordic Wrestling Championship is sponsored by Valhalla herb liquor, which is produced by Finnish alcohol manufacturer, Koskenkorva.  Kudos to the Finns for dipping their proverbial oar in the great cauldron that is professional wrestling – the Sport of Kings and the King of Sports!

Now, bow to the new King – the “God of Northern European Wrestling”, like Yoshihiro Tajiri coined me in Japan … “The Rebel” StarBuck, your new interim Valhalla Nordic Wrestling Champion!

It was early February this year when an impressive brute of a man from Sweden came to me for training.  His name was Daniel Atterhagen, and at 1,92m tall and weighing 115kg, he was a former Gladiator (the TV show) and now he was in the process of changing lanes in his life.  He wanted to become a professional wrestler.

The Beast has a mean game face.

The Beast has a mean game face.

Nicknamed “The Beast”, Daniel undertook to my coaching like a fish to water, learning incredibly fast.  In a matter of mere days, I could already see that this guy was going to become something special in the world of pro wrestling.

Daniel already had a background in submission wrestling prior to coming to me for professional schooling, sent by STHLM Wrestling promoter Chris Sahlgren.  He even took the bronze medal in the Swedish national submission wrestling championships in December 2014.  His MMA career saw him go to the time limit with Sweden’s most prized MMA export, Alexander Gustafsson of UFC fame, only to lose by judge’s decision.

The Beast GBG Wrestling

The Beast made his professional wrestling debut outside of his native country here in Finland at FCF Wrestling’s biggest annual flagship event, Talvisota IX, on February 7 this year in Helsinki.  It was there, that after a very brief initial schooling period, he already took and demolished his opposition in a handicap 2-on-1 match.  From there, Daniel went on to lay waste to the opposition in Sweden mere weeks later, further impressing in his young pro wrestling career.

With less than five pro matches under his belt, The Beast was already touted as the “next big thing” out of Sweden, with the explosiveness of Goldberg and the game face of Ken Shamrock, garnering the attention of the world’s premiere pro wrestling monolith, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).  Can you believe that?!?  I think the pro wrestling world should be taking notice.

The coach and the protege.

The coach and the protege.

And so it is, that Daniel “The Beast” Atterhagen will get his WWE tryout at the O2 Arena in London, England this coming weekend on April 18-19.  I have never had a student in all of my years in the pro wrestling industry whom I have coached, who has risen as fast as The Beast and gotten a WWE tryout in the same short time.

I have to say that I am proud of Daniel for the effort, commitment and determination that he has put in after changing lanes in his personal life and choosing the new path of pro wrestling.

Now is your chance to go claim the big one.  Make it count!

The Beast knocked out rookie Make Smooth at Talvisota with this chokeslam.

The Beast knocked out rookie Make Smooth at Talvisota with this chokeslam.

What a bloodbath this past weekend in Stockholm, Sweden!  STHLM Wrestling’s resident bad boy Ken Malmsteen and I had a vicious Last Man Standing match on Saturday night, in front of about 350 rabid fans at an event dubbed There Will Be Blood III.

Looking to crack Malmsteen in the head but good! (photo: Noomie Hector)

Looking to crack Malmsteen in the head but good! (photo: Noomie Hector)

Malmsteen is the clear favorite of STHLM Wrestling’s vice-president Anita, who conned a wrestler named TNT out of the STHLM Wrestling championship in a major swerve prior to my Last Man Standing match.  Malmsteen interfered in a title bout between TNT and his adversary Hardcore Hampus, the details of which were lost on me, but in the end, Malmsteen ended up with the title as new champ without even being involved as a competitor in the match.  It was obvious to me that Anita had stacked the deck and that I should be prepared for anything as my match with Malmsteen went on as the main event of the card.

Malmsteen chokes me on the ropes (photo: Noomie Hector)

Malmsteen chokes me on the ropes (photo: Noomie Hector)

As this was a Last Man Standing match, there were no disqualifications, and that meant that everything was permissible.  An old fox like me ain’t gonna be outdone easily, and I more than hammered the cowardly Malmsteen for the majority of the fight.  It was a donnybrook all over downtown Stockholm, and the referee just let us go like wild dogs, serving only to administer a 10-count, should one of us not be able to rise to our feet in time.

It was a bloody affair at Göta Källare in Stockholm (photo: Noomie Hector)

It was a bloody affair at Göta Källare in Stockholm (photo: Noomie Hector)

I managed to nail Malmsteen with my trademark spike piledriver after I was hit with the title belt, cracking open the epidermis on my forehead.  The blood flowed like wine into my eyes and I was loopy, not registering the fact that there were no pinfalls in this match.  I was told that Anita threw a cold cup of water into Malmsteen’s face to help revive him, allowing him to blast me in the face a second time with his newly-acquired title belt.  I didn’t make it to my feet in time for the 10-count and at that point it was too little too late and Malmsteen was able to gain another tainted victory.

Miss Agathe of Wrestling Stars, France

Miss Agathe of Wrestling Stars, France

This coming weekend, I wrestle in France for the first time in five and a half years for the country’s biggest promotion, Wrestling Stars.  From what I am told, my match will be a mixed tag, where I team with the sultry Miss Agathe against French ladies’ favorite, Jimmy Gavroche, and his rookie newcomer partner, Sara.  This should prove to be an interesting bout, as the last mixed tag that I competed in was in the summer of 2012 in Japan alongside my Synapse teammate Syuri, where were kicked ass and took down names.

Jimmy Gavroche is a main player in French pro wrestling today.

Jimmy Gavroche is a main player in French pro wrestling today.

So get ready Dreux, France, because “The Rebel” StarBuck is back to make an impact on Friday, November 7!

One year ago on July 1, 2011 in Helsinki, I faced Sweden’s top wrestler Killer Karlsson at an FCF Wrestling event entitled DOMination 2.  It was a long-awaited showdown, as Finland and Sweden have had a blood-rivalry going back many decades.  As the pioneer of Finnish pro wrestling, I was not only representing myself, I was representing the country that my parents were born in, as I clashed with Karlsson in our first meeting.  To say that our duel was highly-spirited would be a grandiose understatement, as the fans packed into Helsinki’s DOM club venue roared with every blow that I dealt out to the big Swede.

During our match at DOMination 2, Karlsson got himself intentionally disqualified and proceeded to beat me senseless with his metal Swedish flagpole.  It sounds almost as if he was defacing his own country by using his own flag to perpetrate his actions.  Karlsson left me laying in the ring, gasping for breath, as I got choked out on top of it all before the dust settled.

Now, upcoming at DOMination 4 on June 28 in Helsinki, I get my chance at retribution in a No-Holds-Barred match against Killer Karlsson.  Anything goes on June 28th, and that means I can pound a mudhole into Karlsson with his own flagpole, should be bring one, and there is nothing the official can do about it.  As a matter of fact, I can use any furniture that isn’t nailed down to beat Karlsson black and blue.  Hell, I can even use whatever IS nailed down!

See clips above of my first match against Karlsson on my latest DVD release, available at DOMination 4 on June 28 in Helsinki

Make sure to get tickets to this huge event now through and save a couple of Euros in the process.

This weekend, I will be in Stockholm, Sweden, training the STHLM Wrestling roster over a two-day seminar tomorrow and Sunday.  I will also be wrestling in a special VIP-members only invite-event on Saturday night against STHLM Wrestling’s Scandinavian Shiva.

I am also proud to mention that FCF Wrestling broke the mainstream media barrier in Finland today, with a huge, feature cover story on our promotion in the nation’s leading newspaper Helsingin Sanomat in the weekend NYT-Liite attachment.  Check out the scan below, and be sure to pick it up if you live in Finland!