To all, there comes a time when the support structures that you’ve long held, which assist you in whatever your chosen endeavor might be, are taken away.  Times when you have to learn to dig deeper than ever before to be able to stand on your own.  After all, your parents are not going to hold your hand forever to keep you from falling down.  Neither will your coach.

This past Saturday night at FCF Wrestling’s Wrestling Show Live: December Rumble in Helsinki, such an example took place in the battle of Finland vs. Russia, where my protégé Mikko Maestro took on Ivan “Locomotive” Markov in one of the marquee match-ups.


Ivan Markov proved hard to take down for Mikko Maestro.


Prior to the match, Maestro had implored me to step into his corner and coach him through this, the biggest match of his five-year professional wrestling career.  Maestro had long been on his own, after I took him on as my personal pet project in early 2013, and he had done pretty well for himself, especially after catching fire this year.  Maestro has been on a roll since defeating “Wildman” Heimo Ukonselkä at FCF’s premiere annual supershow, Talvisota X (Winter War 10) this past March.  Maestro stood strong in his battles with the likes of Swedish wrestling champion Harley Rage and even managed to defeat Dutch wrestling champion Mark Kodiak on Finnish soil in September this year.

Yet, as December 10, 2016 inched ever closer, Mikko Maestro understood he was up against something that he wasn’t sure he was ready for.  So he enlisted his former coach, Yours Truly, to help prep him and coach him through the match he would have against Ivan Markov at WSL: December Rumble.  After all, I am the man that defeated Markov in the first-ever pro wrestling match-up between Finland and Russia, which took place last year, so who better to approach for advice than myself?


Photographer Jarmo Katila captures one of the many nasty predicaments during the match.

I accepted, with one condition and one condition only.  This was that Maestro leave behind his ridiculous stinkface spot, which serves absolutely no purpose other than to get a rise out of the audience when he smothers his backside into an opponents face in the ring corner.  Me personally, I find this spot to be stupid beyond description and totally unnecessary, especially when it comes to winning matches and staying alive in the heat of battle against a verifiable killer like Ivan Markov.

Well, in their ensuing match this past Saturday night in Helsinki, Mikko Maestro went against our set agreement, and at the opportune time, he did his stinkface anyway.  He simply couldn’t be without it, and he let the audience get to his head.  He wanted to play superstar and he went into business for himself.


This ended up costing Mikko Maestro dearly.  I grabbed his foot to get his attention at ringside, scolding him for the disrespect that he showed me, as his coach, by doing exactly the thing that we had agreed that he would not do.  This was his death knell.  Ivan Markov capitalized and blasted Maestro with a scintillating discus forearm blow that knocked his Finnish opposition for damn near into dreamland.  One powerbomb later, Russia scored the decisive victory.

I stepped into the ring and contemplated what had just happened.  Of course, the people and even Maestro himself would blame me for the downfall.  That is what victims do.  They victimize themselves.  Me personally, I see this as an action and a direct consequence.  Every action bares a consequence, and Mikko Maestro’s disobedience cost him the match.  Simply put, he didn’t deserve to win.  Had he listened and abided by the game plan, we very well might have had a different outcome.  But Mikko Maestro has to look into the mirror this time and see the truth for himself.


Maestro is on his own.  He errantly challenged me in his over-exuberance to a match earlier this year,  after defeating Holland’s brutish Mark Kodiak.  He can blame it on the heat of the moment or what have you, it doesn’t matter.  The bottom line is, he got my attention.

He wants to see if he can defeat his mentor and coach.  I understand that, it’s part of the development of every young lion.  But this time, Maestro is going to come to understand that he is still not ready to make good against a tried and true veteran like myself, because simply… he is not good enough yet.

Talvisota XI on February 18, 2017 at the Nosturi club in Helsinki will be the day when Mikko Maestro has his date with destiny.

Start counting down the time…

It’s been a good two-and-a-half years plus since I last wrestled in Germany, but that gets rectified tomorrow night in Wittorf, Deutschland!


It’s DWA (Deutsche Wrestling Allianz) Harley Night XVI – Double or Nothing!  Let’s see who ends up facing “The Rebel” tomorrow night…

Man, this one has been a long time in the coming… on Friday, Nov. 18, I will travel to Randers, Denmark to take on my old, storied Danish rival, Chaos, inside of a 16-foot high steel cage!


Chaos and I have an extensive past as adversaries, stemming back to 2009.  We have spilled each others blood, beaten each other black and blue and done a lot of damage to one another.  Both of us represent the veteran guard of our respective pro wrestling cultures in Denmark and Finland, making this a feud of Baltic and Nordic proportions.  We are literally the standard-bearers of our trade in our respective countries.  Two warring leader wolves, looking to out-do the other.


In 2009, the Street Fight match Chaos and I had left both of us busted up.

Last summer in Denmark, the DPW (Danish Pro Wrestling) organization dropped my booked match against Chaos and instead, opted to put Ken Andersson of TNA fame (Mr. Kennedy in WWE) in my stead.  Then, they simply positioned me as a guest referee in that match, to add insult to injury.  Well, as you might expect, I took exception and laced into Chaos with a timely superkick at an opportune moment late in has match, leaving him a prone duck to be pinned by Anderson, as I counted to three.

Referee StarBuck

Annulling my match and putting me in there as a guest referee was not smart of DPW…

At Talvisota X (Winter War 10) in Helsinki, Finland this past March, I faced Chaos in a No-DQ grudge match, following the events in Randers last summer.  In Helsinki, Chaos beat me within in inch of my life, ambushing me from behind with a steel chair as I made my ring entrance.  I literally fought for my life inside of the ring that night, and managed to even walk away with a victory after delivering a devastating spike piledriver to my opponent.

TSX Chaos moonsault

Our last match was off the charts intense! (photo: Marko Simonen)

Now, on November 18, things come full-circle.  Chaos and I lock horns inside of an unforgiving steel cage on his turf in Denmark.  Both of us will fight like dogs, I am assured of that.  I know things will get violent and I am prepared to sweat, bleed and pay the price, to quote the legendary “Nature Boy” Ric Flair, so that I will be able to walk out of that cage with my hand raised in victory.

Chaos, you asked for the beating you are about to receive this coming Friday!


The WWE creative staff could have booked and penned this entire run, and it would have played out exactly like it did.

Source: The Presidential Potency of Pro Wrestling

I never thought I’d come to this day. A day when I write about politics, which is something I have no belief nor trust in. But alas, Donald Trump winning the 45th Presidency of the United States of America warrants a blog of its own, even from a non-believer like me.

First and foremost, I write this because of Donald Trump’s ties to the world of professional wrestling; an industry that I have been an integral part of since 1992. Going all the way back to 1988 and 1989, Donald Trump’s very own Trump Plaza in Atlantic City (NJ) hosted WWE’s Wrestlemania IV and V events.

This was Trump’s first foray into the grappling world, which would parlay into a full-blown role for him at Wrestlemania 23 in 2007 with ”The Battle of the Billionaires”, as Trump went head-to-head with WWE boss Vince McMahon, fronted by their chosen advocates Bobby Lashley and the late Umaga, respectively. Trump has actually appeared on WWE television several times over the past few years, even owning Monday Night RAW (in storyline) for a brief moment.  In addition, Trump was voted in to the WWE Hall of Fame celebrity wing in 2013.

So with this in mind, I would like to break down a little bit about the psychology of the latest Presidential race and how over-the-top it was in all aspects, across the board, between Hilary and Trump.

First and foremost, if anyone was paying attention, everything Donald Trump said and did during his Presidential campaign was straight out of a WWE playbook. The WWE creative staff could have booked and penned this entire run, and it would have played out exactly like it did. From Trump not even having a background in politics (raise your hat to the man for that) to becoming the decisive underdog early on, having the Republican Party that he represented all but leave him for dead, Donald Trump fought the system and won. This was a Wrestlemania-worthy payoff.


Everything about Donald Trump screams professional wrestling. From his swagger to his verbatim, Trump has learned his lessons from the showbiz world and has mastered his approach. He didn’t flinch a single time during his campaign run, regardless of the mass amount of hostile and derogatory flames thrown his way. He laughed it all off, held his head high and spearheaded straight for the goal. He was the ultimate anti-hero, akin to ”Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s infamous WWE run on top. He was cocky, confrontational, devil-may-care in his approach. He went Spinal Tap with what he did and he still won. Somebody hand this man a show of respect only for the aforementioned here!

Trump’s campaign and his Presidential election reminds me of Ridley Scott’s 2000 classic The Gladiator movie and the interaction between the aging Ceasar and his general, Maximus (Russel Crowe). Take a look at the clip below and you will see my point.

I find it truly remarkable, that a man with no background in politics took the Presidency of the United States. Perhaps there is still hope. The hope that Trump has not (yet) been poisoned by the politics of corporate America and Washington makes one wonder if there is somehow a way to still turn this ship around. And I am talking about the ship of the common man, the blue collar worker, the middle class citizen of the world.

In the last Bush-era, they finagled a way to redistribute wealth by taking away the homes of the middle class and put them in the hands of the banking system. Over the course of the Obama administration, the big businesses have benefited tremendously while the middle class has kept on disappearing into oblivion. The rich have consistently gotten richer while the poor have gotten consistently poorer. There has been no Robin Hood to tip the scales of justice and ”stick it to the man.”


Is Donald Trump the new coming of Robin Hood?

One can only hope.

Even if you – like I – don’t believe in politics, we can still suspend our disbelief… like watching a good WWE main event match, hoping that maybe… maybe there is a chance that the shit is going to get real. In a good way.


Hey folks, it’s been awhile since I last blogged, but things have been hectic!

I have huge news: this Thursday, on November 3 in Helsinki at On The Rocks, my infamous Stoner Kings band makes a return comeback to live gig action!

It’s been eight long years since we last played, and incidentally, our final gig was at On The Rocks then, too!  Since our inception in 2000, Stoner Kings recorded two studio albums, Brimstone Blues (2001) and Fuck The World (2006), going through a few line-up changes in the process, before calling it quits in late 2008.

Now, in late 2016, Stoner Kings are back with a new line-up, consisting of myself on vocals (as always), co-founding member Janne “Crash” Kontoniemi back on drums, Rude Rothstén from the 2007-2008 incarnation of Stoner Kings on bass, and Joonas Vespä on guitar.

Don’t be unfortunate and miss out on this monumental comeback gig!  Come on out tomorrow night at On The Rocks in Helsinki for the dawning of the new Stone Age!!!



Tänä keväänä 2016, aloitin oman BodyMike-nimisen personal training-palvelun.  Onhan minulla jo FAF:in (Fitness Academy of Finland) koulutus ja sertifiointi allani vuodelta 2004. sekä englantilaisen Shaw Academyn sertifikaatti ravitsemuksessa.

Painittuani yli parikymmentä vuotta ympäri maailmaa, olen nauttinut treenistä lukuisien huippu-urheilijoiden kanssa.  Olen kerännyt vaikka mitä vinkkejä ja funktionaalista kokemusta, jotka puolestaan ovat taatusti avuksi ja eduksi tavallisille asiakkaille.  Olen myös oppinut kunouttamaan itseäni lukuisien loukkaantumisien jälkeen, joita olen kärsinyt painikehässä.  Tämä on puolestaan sellaista intuitiivista tietoa ja ymmärrystä, jota monilla PTeillä ei todellakaan ole.


Olen valmentanut kaikenlaista porukkaa vuosien aikana.  Nuorimmasta päästä asiakkaani on ollut 14-vuotias ja vanhimmasta päästä 85-vuotta.  On ollut vammautuneita, sairaita, terveitä, urheilijoita ja kaikkea siitä välistä.  Täten, tänä vuonna ajattelin oikeasti aloittaa yrittäjänä, ja siitä synyti BodyMike.

Valehtelematta, olen kuntovalmentanut porukkaa ympäri maailmaa vieraillessani.  Vuosien varrella olen Japanissa, Ruotsissa, Italiassa, Romaniassa, Virossa, Tanskassa, USAssa ja täällä Suomessa osaamistani jakanut muille.


Olit sitten kuntoilija, ylipainosta kärsivä toimistotyöläinen, kotirouva tai äijä joka kaipaa lihasmassa fraamiinsa, voin taatusti auttaa.  Treenimetodini ovat monipuoliset, aina perinteisestä painoharjoittelusta hybriditreenaamiseen ja kehonpainoharjoitteluun.  Yksi tärkeimmistä seikoista, jota olen värikkään ja rikkaan painiurani aikana oppinut, on oman kehon hallinta ja koordinaatio.  Oikea voima lähtee oman kehon hallinnasta, joka lainaa puolestaan vahvoihin niveliin, kalvoihin ja luihin lihaksien lisäksi.

Saleja on nykyään kuin sieniä sateella ja kuka tahansa miltei voi kutsua itseään personal traineriksi neljän päivän pikakurssin jälkeen.  Älä mene ansaan.  Katso PT:n pätevyys ja taustat ennenkuin teet itse päätöksen.  Lataa ilmainen opas BodyMike-nettisivuiltani, jossa kerron mitä kaikkea kannattaa pitää mielessä kun valitsee itselleen personal trainerin!

Vaikka toiminkin fyysisesti pääkaupunkiseudulla, teen ohjelmia ympäri Suomen sekä muihin maihin englanniksi, joka on toki toinen äidinkieleni.  Ottakaa siis rohkeasti yhteyttä joko nettisivujeni kautta, tai soittakaa gsm 046-934 4833 (ma-pe 10-18)!


Katso mitä muut ovat sanoneet BodyMike-palveluistani:

“Olin kärsinyt pitkään todella ärsyttävästä niska- sekä hartiakivusta, johon en ollut löytänyt minkäänlaista hoitomuotoa lihasrelaksanttien lisäksi … Yhteisten treeniemme jälkeen mun niska voi paljon paremmin! Asiaa tosiaan auttaa se, ettei Michael oikein päästä mua treeneissä helpolla.” – Kristina Karjalainen, Miss Viro 2013

“I had the pleasure to have a training session with Michael and he changed my posture and form like no other personal trainer has done before. He is passionate and very knowledgeable in what he does.” – Sheila Shah, Hollywood-näyttelijä, Los Angeles, USA

“Michaelin persoonallinen, ammattitaitoinen, ja motivoiva tapa saada tuloksia asiakkaassaan aikaan on selkeän ammattitaidon osoitus.” – Antti Reini, näyttelijä

“Great workout with Michael Majalahti today. Learned a few new exercises and focused on form and execution … Mike’s tips and pointers will really help me take my training to the next level.” – Greg Thomson, Atlanta, USA

“BodyMike oli mulle täydellinen valinta personal traineriksi. Michael tietää mitä tekee ja on itse elävä esimerkki osaamisestaan; luonnollisin keinoin rakennettu lihaskimppu. Suosittelen!” – Janne Kontoniemi, Bar Chaplinin omistaja, Helsinki