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For anyone out there who doesn’t know, I am also an experienced voice-over professional, in addition to being a pro wrestler, rock musician, personal trainer and artist.  My professional website is if you would like to acquaint yourself with what I do and who I’ve worked for.

Here are a couple of cool new videos for the Cancer Association that I did recently here in Finland, both in Finnish and in English:

If you need clean, concise and dynamic native American English for your productions, send me a message here on my website and we can discuss your proposed job.

At the end of last month, I traveled to Vesileppis Sport & Spa Hotel in Leppävirta, Finland, where I was filmed with the Vesileppis mascot for a funny set of commercials promoting the establishment and its services.  These commercials have now been released, and can be seen below:

Just a few days ago, Finland’s leading dairy manufacturer, Valio Ltd., released their latest television ad campaign, featuring the most celebrated NHL hockey player ever out of Finland, the legendary Teemu Selänne.  Teemu lives nowadays in California with his family, and is retired from the sport of ice hockey.  He made a name for himself as a Stanley Cup champion (2006-2007) with the Anaheim Ducks (defeating the Ottawa Senators) and nowadays owns and runs a steakhouse out in California.

I was chosen to play one of the roles in the new Valio advert, which you can view below:

It was a pleasure getting to know Teemu, who was very down-to-earth and a good guy, his success not having gone to his head at all.

NHL legend Teemu Selänne and Yours Truly

NHL legend Teemu Selänne and Yours Truly

Well, here it is, folks!  I was asked to play the lead in Subway‘s newest commercial for their American Steakhouse Melt sub.  I also did the voiceover speak for the commercial.

Take a look: