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Here at the end of 2017 as the New Year is about to turn a new page for all of us, I reflect back on what the past 12 months have meant for me personally and professionally.

I have to say from the bottom of my heart that this past year has been one of the best overall years for me on record, especially in terms of my professional wrestling career and movie actor ambitions.  I once stated that if I could do with my life what I dare dream, it would be to become a world-traveled professional wrestler, a touring rock artist and a movie actor.  Here, at the age of 44, I have achieved all of those things and more.  That is certainly something to be proud of, and I can only look to make the good things in life prosper and grow in the fact of each new challenge as life rolls on.

2017 saw me claim my 21st country in pro wrestling, that being Pakistan, this past May.  Pakistan is about as exotic as a location as it gets, and the treatment we got from the local PWE promoters was top-notch.  Five-star hotels, bodyguards and even a presidential suite were all in the offering, as we were treated like royalty by fans and organizers alike.  I was the only wrestler on the international roster out of the Nordics.

StarBuck with Syed Asim Ali Asmi PWE

With the big boss of PWE in Pakistan!

StarBuck vs. Bambikiller in Pakistan

Getting the upper hand on Chris “Bambikiller” Raaber in Lahore, Pakistan

My long-awaited autobiography, Battleground Valhalla, also came out in May through Crowbar Press in the USA, a highly-esteemed publisher of wrestling autobiographies, whose earlier releases include Donnie Fargo, Ole Anderson and Stand Hansen to name a few.  My book has sold great to this date, as I’ve even mailed out a ton of signed copies to folks far and wide who’ve asked for personalized copies.  My story also got released through Kindle on Amazon as a digital e-book, which was icing on the cake!

2017 was the year that I was named the inaugural Valhalla Nordic Wrestling Champion by ’80s pop sensation Samantha Fox and STHLM Wrestling out of Sweden.  After being lauded the honor of interim champion in (again) May, I went on to defeat a very capable up-and-coming young star in Timmy Force on July 8 in Stockholm to become the undisputed, first Valhalla Nordic champ.  This match was highly-praised by one of the heads of WWE, who was on hand, front-and-center ringside to witness this 30-minute classic that will go down as quite possibly the greatest match to date on Swedish soil.

StarBuck vs Timmy Force VALHALLA Nordic Championship 6

Timmy Force falls to my world-famous finisher, the jumping spike piledriver in Stockholm (photo: Fredrik Streiffert)

2017 was the year that I ventured into the studio with my reformed Stoner Kings band, recording new material after a decade of absence.  We even filmed the first-ever music video we ever did with the band for a single called Cro-Magnon, which was a very proud moment for me as the founder of Stoner Kings.

2017 was the year that I took three unprecedented vacations, something I had never done in that number per annum, in Morocco, Romania’s mountains, Spain and Thailand.  Thanks to my wife, Diana, for arranging these trips, as she’s quite the tour organizer and could easily be a commercial tour guide if she chose to do so.

2017 was also the year that I captured my fifth Finnish wrestling championship.  On December 2 in Helsinki at Finland’s biggest annual pro wrestling spectacular, Talvisota XII, I unseated Juhana “King Kong” Karhula in a 25+ minute mat classic, becoming a double-champion this year.

StarBuck FCF Champion 2017

StarBuck – FCF champion for the fifth time, December 2017 (photo: Marko Simonen)

2017 also saw me featured in two ground-breaking movie releases: It Came From The Desert and Rendel.  Both films have been sold worldwide now and have been dubbed in multiple, foreign languages like Japanese, German and Spanish.  My roles in both movies were incredibly intriguing and important characters, both of which for I was able to channel my vast pro wrestling experience into.

StarBuck in Rendel

My Russian mercenary character in Rendel has arguably the best fight scene in the whole movie

All in all, I can only be thankful for the awesome year that was 2017.  Even as a personal trainer and voice-over speaker, I accumulated several new clients and commissions.  As a graphic artist, several customers utilized my talents as a traditional illustrator.  With my voice, I was able to parlay my talents as a guest ring announcer at various boxing events, in front of new audiences.

Värityskirja kansi Vesileppis

The cover of a children’s coloring book for Vesileppis Sport & Spa hotel in Finland, featuring Yours Truly as the human lead.

I have said that for some unexplained, divine reason, particularly good things happen to me in seven year installments.  This year was one such waypoint.  My previous seven year boon was in 2010, when I debuted as a professional wrestler in Japan – my career goal – where I became a star on the national stage overnight.  Seven years prior to that in 2003, I started the entire professional wrestling phenomenon in Finland, bringing the fighting art form to this neck of the Nordics and teaching it to the very first class of Finnish students in history.  Seven years before that, in 1996, I moved to Finland from my homeland of Canada to begin rewriting personal life history and create a legacy which even I had no inkling of, nor the its magnitude, as the years would roll on.  That said, here at the very end of 2017, I can say with all humility and honesty, that I am the most accomplished and successful professional wrestler in history to this day out of Northern Europe.

I eagerly await to see what 2018 brings.  While the world at large seems to be headed into a maelstrom of uncertainty, I can honestly say that the Good Lord above has blessed my life and continues to do so.  All respect the Big Man upstairs.  For me, the proof is in the pudding!

I returned just over a week ago from Romania, where I was visiting with my fiancee, Diana, as it is her home country.  We were invited by the largest television station in the land, ProTV, to take part in a 2-day live filming of their nation’s most popular variety show, Happy Hour.


On Wednesday, February 20 and Thursday, February 21, Diana and I literally became stars in Romania overnight via our appearance on Happy Hour.  On the streets, everyone recognized us following the broadcasts and complete strangers were walking up to us, wanting autographs and photos.  It was almost surreal, seeing how big of an impact was made in such a brief period of time!


Happy Hour show host Catalin Maruta was a hell of a guy and a natural showman, whom I shared an immediate affinity with.  We both understood the intracacies of live performance, and capturing the audience was as easy as breathing for me, as was responding to and playing off of Maruta’s shtick.  They had me dressed in “ie si itari” traditional Romanian garb, doing a traditional Romanian dance, which was harder than I originally thought, as far as the coordination of the steps went.  Diana was taken to a bridal boutique unbeknowest to me, and as they marched her out with an awesome looking bridal gown on live TV, I actually thought that she was going to ask me to marry her right then and there!  For a moment, I was completely lost as to what was really going on, before I realized there was no priest showing up!  It was just meant to be a foretaste in light of things to come, as Diana and I are tying the knot this year.



The producers of Happy Hour had me play a prank on a local taxi driver “nea’ Mircea”, where I lost my cool with his inept driving and proceeded to destroy his 25-year-old Dacia 1310 model taxi car with a baseball bat.  The cops showed up in force and actually sabotaged our prank before we could bring it to its intended conclusion, which caused quite a showcase for the cars passing by the scene of the “crime”.  The next day, Mircea was made-up to look like he had been physically assaulted by me, complete with wheelchair, bandages and bruises on the Happy Hour set.  That particular latter episode got a huge ratings number from what we were told, and the TV station was more than happy with how everything went down.  The Romanian media covered our appearance en masse, as Diana and I were featured in tons of magazines and tabloids, both online and in print, following our TV jaunt.



poză 5

We even got taken to Dracula’s world-famous castle in the Bran district of Romania, in the mountains.  The real bummer was that they had closed the castle grounds by the time that we arrived there, so I only got to see the castle from outside the iron gates.  I must say that the mountain region of Romania is light years different than the view from the cities.  To be completely honest, Bucharest for example, is falling apart on nearly every street corner.  The roads are full of cracks and potholes, the outer faces of the buildings are peeling and crumbling, homeless animals are running rampant on the city streets, grocery store windows are blank and lifeless, and there is garbage and graffiti everywhere.  In so many ways, the city looks like a second world country, whereas the mountain towns look majestic and grand.  Quite the anomaly, to say the least!



I was able to also do some personal training in Romania at a local gym, showing the guys training techniques that they had never seen or understood before.  That, in itself, was a rewarding experience; to share the accumulated knowledge that I have from 25 years of physical training.  In addition, I was able to meet my future mother-in-law, Ileana, as Diana’s father has since passed.  My girl told me about her dog, Lucky, who lives with her mom, not liking men.  Well, I have to say that Lucky and I got along more than fine the minute that we met, proving that it takes an animal to know an animal!


All in all, Romania was a cool experience, and I am sure I will be back there sooner or later.  That said, I would love to wrestle in Romania and even play there with my band(s).  I really felt that after our Happy Hour appearance, people would have loved to see me fight, but there is no scene for professional wrestling in Romania.  Perhaps I will be able to find the right people to make that happen, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed!