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Well, ladies and gents, it seems that 2017 is turning out to be one of my better years in the wrestling game.

Firstly, my long-awaited autobiography Battleground Vahalla came out through Crowbar Press, and it has since been released on Kindle also!  This book has been selling great, and I am stoked about its success!

Shawn Khan Battleground Valhalla StarBuck

Shawn Khan, the Director of the Middle East and USA for Pro Wrestling Entertainment Pakistan, whom I wrestled for in May of this year, mugs with my autobiography!

Whereas this summer, I became the first-ever Valhalla Nordic Wrestling Champion, a title covering four Nordic countries (Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark), I also find myself as the number one contender for the Finnish FCF Wrestling championship title, with a title shot pending and upcoming on December 2 against current FCF titleholder Juhana “King Kong” Karhula at the biggest annual event in Finnish pro wrestling, Talvisota XII.

FCF Haastajalista_17.10

As of late this autumn, I’ve traveled on several occasions to Germany to wrestle, doing very well for myself there against the top European competition, against the likes of Pascal Spalter of Germany and James Mason of England.  Just this past weekend, I toppled Native American superstar and former WWE name Tatanka in Delmenhorst, Germany.

StarBuck vs. James Mason POW Germany

I had one hell of a technical match in Hannover, Germany on October 14 against POW Intercontinental champion James Mason.

On November 11, I will travel to Wittorf, Germany to wrestle a mammoth of a man in Voodoo from the UK at DWA Harley Night XVII, and on November 25, I travel to Moscow, Russia to fight at Wrestliada 2017, which is the biggest Russian pro wrestling event of the year on an annual basis.

DWA Harley Night 2017

In addition, I have some marquee gigs with my band Stoner Kings coming up on November 17 in Helsinki in support of Swedish heavy rock powerhouse Sparzanza at Nosturi’s Alakerta venue and on November 18 in Tallinn, Estonia at Rockstars, where Stoner Kings will be joined by Redneck Rampage from Estonia and Hold from Finland.

Stoner Kings 2017

Stoner Kings are back on the attack, with monsterously potent new music soon coming out! (photo: Marko Simonen)

Right now, I am in the studio with both my Stoner Kings and Crossfyre bands, as we have new music coming out at the end of this year also!

In closing, get this: the It Came From The Desert movie (based on the famous 1989 Amiga video game) that I play a key role in has now been sold worldwide, as far as Japan!  Add to that the fact that Finland’s first-ever superhero action movie Rendel has been scooping up tons of international acclaim and licenses, and I’d feel comfortable saying the snowball of momentum is super-hot right now!

It Came From The Desert JAPAN

Stay tuned, more infos coming soon!


There is history in the making here in Finland currently, as we speak.  A very ambitious effort is underway, in the form of a film project named Rendel, which will be the first-ever Finnish superhero movie and in the same breath, the first-ever action movie out of this country also!

Slated for a late 2016/early 2017 pending theater release, Rendel is the vision of writer/director/producer Jesse Haaja, who heads up an advertising agency named Haaja & Arwo Design Ltd. out of the city of Mikkeli.

StarBuck Rendel movie

I was signed for a key role in Rendel, after being approached by Haaja to play the part of a Russian mercenary, who is enlisted in the film to snub out the lead hero.  The filming of the movie is in its final stages now, and one week ago, I traveled up to Kajaani to lay down my parts in the film.  I have to say that I had an absolute blast, especially doing the fight scenes, which were a breeze to pull off!

I really believe that movie goers will be totally blown away by the visual dynamics in Rendel, as Jesse Haaja has assembled some of the most talented people in the Finnish film industry to collaborate with on this landmark project.  The genius of the camera angles, the cuts and the color scheme of the movie is on par with anything out of Hollywood from the same superhero genre, if not better and more intriguing.  Take a look at some of these movie stills from the production process by photographer Juuli Aschan to better understand what to expect…

The one thing that I really have to credit Jesse Haaja and the other producers of Rendel for is the fact that they chose to cast a completely new set of faces for the line-up of this movie, in lieu of the same old names that seem to pop up in nearly every Finnish movie that comes out.  Haaja and Co. went after new talents, people like myself, Renne Korppila, Sami Huhtala, Kris Gummerus and Rami Rusinen, in addition to newer international faces like Bianca Bradey of Australia, Sheila Shah from the USA and Johnny Vivash from Ireland.

Take a look at this stunning teaser trailer for the movie and try to hold your breath in wait afterward!