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The past couple of weekends have been great wrestling extravaganzas here in Finland, featuring strong cards of internationally-flavored excitement and action.

On October 3 in the western coastal city of Rauma, I wrestled the UK’s top grappler Doug Williams (ex-TNA/ROH/NOAH star) in a truly classic, catch-as-catch can pro showdown between two vets of the game.  I have to say, that I heartily enjoyed working against the ultra-talented Doug Williams, who is without question one of the premiere talents in Europe today in all of professional wrestling.  Our match was technical, complex and very trying.  In the end, Williams beat me fair and square, hitting his “Bombs Away” top rope kneedrop on me for the pinfall win, as I failed to kick out before the fatal three-count.  I have no qualms in losing to a man the caliber of Williams, as this match could have gone either way, but on this night, Doug walked away with the victory and all my respect goes out to the man as a stellar athlete in our game.  Check out these stellar pics of the match taken by FightSport magazine photographer, Marko Simonen!

StarBuck vs. Doug Williams StarBuck vs. Doug Williams StarBuck vs. Doug Williams StarBuck vs. Doug Williams StarBuck vs. Doug Williams

This past weekend on October 9 in the city of Lahti, FCF Wrestling featured the official warm-up for the 2015 edition of the gigantic Nordic Fitness Expo, with a night of wrestling action at Ace Corner Finland.  The motorcycle-themed restaurant setting was a truly special and unique, intimate place to hold the gig, as the spirit of Americana was alive and well in the confines of Ace Corner, which is part of the Finnish Motorcycle Museum (unique in the world, featuring the only Harley-Davidson ever produced in Japan, the Rikuo model from the first World War era).  At this event, I was scheduled to face The Beast from Sweden, who is the reigning Swedish pro wrestling champion, a man whom I trained earlier this year.  However, The Beast pulled out of our match – a true low blow – refusing to defend his title against me in our scheduled match, citing supposed restraints imposed on him by his sports supplement sponsor.  In his stead, Gothenburg’s Steinbolt came to Lahti to face me in a Sweden vs. Finland encounter, which was spirited to say the least!  After Steinbolt trash-talked the Finnish people and downplayed our country in a pre-match promo, I promised to make him scream for his life and tap out.  And tap out is what he did, after I finally managed to lock him into a sharpshooter, after I thwarted his dropkick off the second rope, and thus I was able to pay homage to another great Canadian wrestling hero, Bret “Hitman” Hart.

StarBuck battles Steinbolt in Lahti in a battle of Finland vs. Sweden!

StarBuck battles Steinbolt in Lahti in a battle of Finland vs. Sweden!

I have to say that I am truly excited about the next Finnish wrestling event, upcoming on Thursday evening, November 5 in Helsinki.  This special weekday gig will be in conjunction with the world premiere of the Spandex Sapiens documentary drama movie, telling of my wrestling career and persona.  This movie has been five years in the making, filmed on three different continents, across seven countries, and finally it is here.  After much delay, the Night Visions movie festival in Helsinki will feature this slamming world premiere on the evening of November 5, after which the Spandex Sapiens Afterparty & Wrestling Show will take place at Gloria Cultural Arena in Helsinki.

Night Visions 2015 poster by StarBuck

By the way, the artwork on this year’s Night Visions poster was done by me!

In the Spandex Sapiens film, my main counterpart and antagonist is Finnish transsexual wrestler Jessica Love, who represents the liberal, free-thinking spirit of our modern age, while I represent the traditional role of conservative masculinity and black and white absolutes.  It’s a major clash of ideals and values, in addition to personas, as Spandex Sapiens is set to really rattle a few cages and I am sure that the critics will have a field day with the powerful viewpoints expressed herein.  But hey, it doesn’t matter what they say about you, as long as they get the name right!  On the evening of November 5 as the wrestling action heats up at Gloria Cultural Arena, Yours Truly battles it out one more time with Jessica Love to honor the elements of the movie itself.  Make plans to be there for this historical evening!


It’s official now, folks: Finland has invaded Sweden!  At least in the world of professional wrestling, and that said, it’s been a long time coming.  You see, for years on end, Finland was under Swedish rule, and the Finns despise the lingering Big Brother mentality of the Swedes.  To this day, the hottest rivalry in Nordic Ice Hockey is between Finland and Sweden, and Finland vs. Russia is a close second, by a hair.

Last weekend in Malmö, Sweden, a literal gang of Finnish wrestlers crashed the SWS Wrestling card on Saturday, August 31.  At the start of the Swedish event, the Finnish grapplers – FCF champion King Kong Karhula, Stark Adder, Valentine, Ricky Vendetta, Aurora Flame, Vili Luupää and Johnny McMetal – steamrolled into the ring out of the audience and kicked the living daylights out of the Swedish pair that was squaring off.  This led to the immediate restructuring of the night’s card, as SWS officials deemed that if Finland came to Malmö to fight, then a fight they would receive!

Now, on Saturday, September 7, five of the best wrestlers out of Finland today – myself, Heimo Ukonselkä, Jessica Love, Valentine and King Kong Karhula – all descend on Gothenburg, Sweden, to take on the best that GBG Wrestling has to offer.  The war cry has been sent out, and now there is not turning back!

GBG poster Sept 7

Personally, I don’t know what this will mean for me, as my herniated C6-C7 vertebrae is far from being healed, but I plan on showing up for sure.  I know that GBG wanted me to wrestle Conny Mejsel at this event in a rematch from FCF Wrestling’s DOMination 9 card back in Helsinki on June 8 this year.  Personally speaking, I still owe Conny Mejsel a receipt big time, for the way that he assaulted me back in June, alongside Valentine, following our match.

The bottom line is, the war is officially ON!

Yesterday, Finnish pop rock act Disco Ensemble released their newest single and music video, entitled Eartha Kitt, which is based on the upcoming Spandex Sapiens (early 2014 release) documentary movie about my persona and wrestling career.

Spandex Sapiens was originally penned to be called Babyface, but the movie’s director Oskari Pastila changed the title in a more comicbook-oriented (albeit B-movie) direction.  I swear, I can almost smell the Toxic Avenger’s second coming here (no, really, I’m kidding)!  In truth, this production is looking to be quite stellar, as it was filmed in five countries on three continents over three-and-a-half years.  Both the National Broadcasting Company of Finland (YLE) and the Finnish Film Foundation (Suomen Elokuvasäätiö) are behind this project, and that means major firepower once it comes out.  This is no small budjet movie, folks!

Spandex Sapiens

“Spandex Sapiens is the story of Michael Majalahti aka StarBuck, a lonely son of a Canadian preacher man who becomes the striving pioneer of professional wrestling in faraway Finland, only to find himself contested both physically and ideologically by the young transsexual wrestler Jessica Love, who even follows him to Japan on his big break.”

Below are some photos from the filming process of the Spandex Sapiens documentary movie, taken by photographer Jan Ahlstedt.

My movie rival, transsexual wrestler Jessica Love, looks on at the filmed segments between takes with writer ilja Rautsi and director Oskari Pastila.

My movie rival, transsexual wrestler Jessica Love, looks on at the filmed segments between takes with writer Ilja Rautsi and director Oskari Pastila.

A fight or flight scene from Suomenlinna, off of the coast of Helsinki, in damp and extremely chilly October weather.

A fight or flight scene from Suomenlinna, off of the coast of Helsinki, in damp and extremely chilly October weather.

StarBuck and Jessica Love duke it out in the middle of nowhere.

StarBuck and Jessica Love duke it out in the middle of nowhere.

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This upcoming weekend on Saturday & Sunday, April 13-14 in Kellokoski, Finland (just on the northern rim of the city of Järvenpää), FCF Wrestling will be holding pro wrestling tryouts for a potential class of 2013.  On both days, the tryouts will take place between 12-16:00.  If chosen for the actual schooling based on one’s tryout performance, the schooling period itself is set for 9 months, held on weekends (Sat.-Sun.).

Fight Club Finland (FCF Wrestling) has a 10-year history of producing some of the top male and female wrestlers in Europe today.  Our talent arguably has a higher export rate per capita than any other wrestling promotion in Europe over the past decade.  FCF has produced export names like Heimo “The Wildman” Ukonselkä (SMASH star in Japan, current PWF Champion in Germany), Valentine (SMASH star in Japan, BWA Catchweight champion, England), Jessica Love (SMASH and WNC star, Japan), Stark Adder (IWS star, Italy and NWF star, Norway), King Kong Karhula (current FCF Champion, PWF and EPW star in Germany), Ricky Vendetta (PWF star, Germany), Kristian Kurki (SMASH star, Japan), Kisu (Wrestling Stars, France), Aurora Flame (Nordic Women’s Champion), Kage Manguro (SMASH star, Japan), Vladimir Petrov (PWF star, Germany), El Excentrico (SWS star in Sweden, BWA star in England), Pasi Suominen (PWF star, Germany) and Sly Sebastian (BWA star, England).

As a former 3-time European Champion and former SMASH Japan, I personally hold the position of head coach in FCF Wrestling’s school, ensuring that every new recruit gets the very best wrestling education, from someone who has a proven track record in our business, as attested to through Wikipedia.

If you are interested in participating, send an open email application with 2 good, recent photos of yourself to:  Registrations information should include age / weight / height, and also tell about yourself, your possible sporting background and why you want to join professional wrestling.

“The Wrestling Press” online magazine has an extensive article written by myself about the realities of FCF’s tryouts, which is recommended reading:


My SYNAPSE teammates were crowned champions in Japan today in Tokyo at Korkuen Hall.  AKIRA defeated “The Japanese Buzzsaw” TAJIRI to become the very first WNC (Wrestling New Classic) Champion in history in the tournament finals.  AKIRA defeated Adam Angel in the first round, former ECW World Champion Tommy Dreamer in the second round, and TAJIRI in the finals.

02 photo by Yuichi Kojima 03 photo by Yuichi Kojima 04 photo by Yuichi Kojima

Consecutively, Syuri became the first WNC Women’s Champion, defeating team DQN’s Nagisa Nozaki in the finals.  In the opening round, Syuri defeated Lin Bairon to advance to the second round, where she defeated FCF Wrestling’s gender bender Jessica Love, and then Nozaki in the finals.

05 photo by Yuichi Kojima 06 photo by Yuichi Kojima 01 photo by Yuichi Kojima

Big props and a huge salute to my SYNAPSE teammates on their dual victories in Tokyo today!

(Photos by Yuichi Kojima)

Syuri AKIRA StarBuck

As often holds true in life, none of us can move ahead if we are not willing to take some risks. A calculated risk, however, is entirely different than a hasty risk. And when taking risks, one must always weigh out carefully in advance the potential rewards and payoffs of said course of action.

I have to believe that 23-year old Ricky Vendetta took an uncharted, imprudent risk last Saturday night at FCF Wrestling’s DOMination 7 event in Helsinki. Ricky Vendetta chose to interject himself in the post-match happenings, following my bout with transvestite wrestler Jessica Love, who managed to score his/her first career victory over me.


Following the match, veteran grappler Stark Adder attacked Jessica Love, goading me to join the fray. Adder has had an outstanding issue with Jessica since he returned to action after a year’s absence in late-August this year, losing to the gender bender in the first round of the FCF Championship title tournament held at that time. Adder’s return wasn’t the triumphant one he was hoping for, and his frustration turned to spite in short order, bleeding through even to this day.

After I refused to take part in the post-match beatdown of Jessica Love, Adder’s new protege, Ricky Vendetta, showed up. Throwing caution to the wind, Vendetta cracked me in the back of my head from the blindside, and then proceeded to lace into me after I had my bell rung. Adder just stood there and watched, like a stick in the mud, and didn’t even bother trying to mediate the situation.

Now I have to say, that I have been friends with Stark Adder for years. Through thick and thin, we have battled at times and we have stood together at times, but there has always been a warrior’s bond between us, a mutual respect. I have vouched for Adder on countless occasions, even getting him booked outside of Finland in the past on several occasions. So that said, I am very surprised that at a key moment, such as happened last Saturday night, Adder would not have chosen to set straight his new charge. Instead, he left the omelette to burn on the frying pan.

Ricky Vendetta knew what he was getting into when he opened this latest can of worms. He knew that he was jumping on the oldest dog in the yard, the Alpha Male of the pack.  He attacked the locker room leader, and he forgot that ambition and recklessness are two different things altogether.

And for this indiscretion, Ricky Vendetta will end up paying a hellacious price. Ricky Vendetta will learn the hardest way of all, that insolence carries a price tag way beyond his fiscal/physical viability.

As Hall of Fame wrestler Arn Anderson of the Four Horsemen once quoted, ”Don’t write cheques with your mouth that your body can’t cash!”

With that thought in mind, payday come for Ricky Vendetta on January 4 in Lohja, Finland.

Buck vs Vendetta Lohja banner

Oh, and Adder: Tell Ricky that THIS is going to hurt. After all, you would know.


Photographer Mikko Löppönen of HMC Indie was onhand at FCF Wrestling’s DOMination 7 event this past weekend on Saturday, December 15 in Helsinki to shoot the matches.  Here are some of his prize captures from my match against transvestite wrestler Jessica Love, who finally managed to score a pinfall victory over me in 15:46 after a suicide swanton dive off the top rope.  This was undoubtedly one of the biggest victories in Jessica Love’s career, and thankfully for those who were not onhand (and shame on you if you missed this show), the advent of still photography warrants you to relive some of the action!

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