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This upcoming weekend on Saturday & Sunday, April 13-14 in Kellokoski, Finland (just on the northern rim of the city of Järvenpää), FCF Wrestling will be holding pro wrestling tryouts for a potential class of 2013.  On both days, the tryouts will take place between 12-16:00.  If chosen for the actual schooling based on one’s tryout performance, the schooling period itself is set for 9 months, held on weekends (Sat.-Sun.).

Fight Club Finland (FCF Wrestling) has a 10-year history of producing some of the top male and female wrestlers in Europe today.  Our talent arguably has a higher export rate per capita than any other wrestling promotion in Europe over the past decade.  FCF has produced export names like Heimo “The Wildman” Ukonselkä (SMASH star in Japan, current PWF Champion in Germany), Valentine (SMASH star in Japan, BWA Catchweight champion, England), Jessica Love (SMASH and WNC star, Japan), Stark Adder (IWS star, Italy and NWF star, Norway), King Kong Karhula (current FCF Champion, PWF and EPW star in Germany), Ricky Vendetta (PWF star, Germany), Kristian Kurki (SMASH star, Japan), Kisu (Wrestling Stars, France), Aurora Flame (Nordic Women’s Champion), Kage Manguro (SMASH star, Japan), Vladimir Petrov (PWF star, Germany), El Excentrico (SWS star in Sweden, BWA star in England), Pasi Suominen (PWF star, Germany) and Sly Sebastian (BWA star, England).

As a former 3-time European Champion and former SMASH Japan, I personally hold the position of head coach in FCF Wrestling’s school, ensuring that every new recruit gets the very best wrestling education, from someone who has a proven track record in our business, as attested to through Wikipedia.

If you are interested in participating, send an open email application with 2 good, recent photos of yourself to:  Registrations information should include age / weight / height, and also tell about yourself, your possible sporting background and why you want to join professional wrestling.

“The Wrestling Press” online magazine has an extensive article written by myself about the realities of FCF’s tryouts, which is recommended reading:


My SYNAPSE teammates were crowned champions in Japan today in Tokyo at Korkuen Hall.  AKIRA defeated “The Japanese Buzzsaw” TAJIRI to become the very first WNC (Wrestling New Classic) Champion in history in the tournament finals.  AKIRA defeated Adam Angel in the first round, former ECW World Champion Tommy Dreamer in the second round, and TAJIRI in the finals.

02 photo by Yuichi Kojima 03 photo by Yuichi Kojima 04 photo by Yuichi Kojima

Consecutively, Syuri became the first WNC Women’s Champion, defeating team DQN’s Nagisa Nozaki in the finals.  In the opening round, Syuri defeated Lin Bairon to advance to the second round, where she defeated FCF Wrestling’s gender bender Jessica Love, and then Nozaki in the finals.

05 photo by Yuichi Kojima 06 photo by Yuichi Kojima 01 photo by Yuichi Kojima

Big props and a huge salute to my SYNAPSE teammates on their dual victories in Tokyo today!

(Photos by Yuichi Kojima)

Syuri AKIRA StarBuck

As often holds true in life, none of us can move ahead if we are not willing to take some risks. A calculated risk, however, is entirely different than a hasty risk. And when taking risks, one must always weigh out carefully in advance the potential rewards and payoffs of said course of action.

I have to believe that 23-year old Ricky Vendetta took an uncharted, imprudent risk last Saturday night at FCF Wrestling’s DOMination 7 event in Helsinki. Ricky Vendetta chose to interject himself in the post-match happenings, following my bout with transvestite wrestler Jessica Love, who managed to score his/her first career victory over me.


Following the match, veteran grappler Stark Adder attacked Jessica Love, goading me to join the fray. Adder has had an outstanding issue with Jessica since he returned to action after a year’s absence in late-August this year, losing to the gender bender in the first round of the FCF Championship title tournament held at that time. Adder’s return wasn’t the triumphant one he was hoping for, and his frustration turned to spite in short order, bleeding through even to this day.

After I refused to take part in the post-match beatdown of Jessica Love, Adder’s new protege, Ricky Vendetta, showed up. Throwing caution to the wind, Vendetta cracked me in the back of my head from the blindside, and then proceeded to lace into me after I had my bell rung. Adder just stood there and watched, like a stick in the mud, and didn’t even bother trying to mediate the situation.

Now I have to say, that I have been friends with Stark Adder for years. Through thick and thin, we have battled at times and we have stood together at times, but there has always been a warrior’s bond between us, a mutual respect. I have vouched for Adder on countless occasions, even getting him booked outside of Finland in the past on several occasions. So that said, I am very surprised that at a key moment, such as happened last Saturday night, Adder would not have chosen to set straight his new charge. Instead, he left the omelette to burn on the frying pan.

Ricky Vendetta knew what he was getting into when he opened this latest can of worms. He knew that he was jumping on the oldest dog in the yard, the Alpha Male of the pack.  He attacked the locker room leader, and he forgot that ambition and recklessness are two different things altogether.

And for this indiscretion, Ricky Vendetta will end up paying a hellacious price. Ricky Vendetta will learn the hardest way of all, that insolence carries a price tag way beyond his fiscal/physical viability.

As Hall of Fame wrestler Arn Anderson of the Four Horsemen once quoted, ”Don’t write cheques with your mouth that your body can’t cash!”

With that thought in mind, payday come for Ricky Vendetta on January 4 in Lohja, Finland.

Buck vs Vendetta Lohja banner

Oh, and Adder: Tell Ricky that THIS is going to hurt. After all, you would know.


Photographer Mikko Löppönen of HMC Indie was onhand at FCF Wrestling’s DOMination 7 event this past weekend on Saturday, December 15 in Helsinki to shoot the matches.  Here are some of his prize captures from my match against transvestite wrestler Jessica Love, who finally managed to score a pinfall victory over me in 15:46 after a suicide swanton dive off the top rope.  This was undoubtedly one of the biggest victories in Jessica Love’s career, and thankfully for those who were not onhand (and shame on you if you missed this show), the advent of still photography warrants you to relive some of the action!

_BK_4514 _BK_4530 _BK_4542 _BK_4569 _BK_4585 _BK_4587 _BK_4636 _BK_4641 _BK_4655 _BK_4687_BK_4701



On December 27 in Tokyo, Japan, history will be made as my SYNAPSE teammates AKIRA and Syuri vie for the WNC (Wrestling New Classic) Men’s Championship and WNC Women’s Championship respectively.

triad at gym

First off, I must say I am damn proud of my SYNAPSE partners, who more than deserve the top spots in Japanese professional wrestling, as champions.  AKIRA has wrestled an active career nearing 30-years in the business, and to this day he is one of the best in the country of Japan.  Syuri has worked her ass off to become one of the brightest female combatants in Japanese rings since her debut in 2010, also successfully doubling as an competitive kickboxer.

TRIAD collage

When AKIRA, Syuri and I joined forces to form SYNAPSE this past summer, we had a common agenda and end goal in mind: Total dominance.  It was clear from the onset, that we would go on to rule the wrestling world in Japan as a unit, and our united front has proven to be an awesome force to this day in all of our matches, both in terms of singles matches and tag team bouts.

This past October, I took part in the opening round of the WNC title tournament, losing in very controversial fashion to my former FCF teammate Hajime Ohara in a violent and spiteful encounter.  This marked Ohara’s first-ever win over me, and it also sent him straight into the semi-finals of the tournament.  AKIRA and Syuri also won both of their opening round matches, advancing to the semis last month in Tokyo, where AKIRA downed former ECW Champion Tommy Dreamer and Syuri defeated FCF Wrestling’s gender bender Jessica Love.

AKIRA vs Dreamer by Kengo Takahashi 01

AKIRA applies his Old Boy submission stretch on Tommy Dreamer (photo by Kengo Takahashi)

Now on December 27 at the infamous Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, the final round in the WNC title tournament sees AKIRA up against SYNAPSE arch-nemesis TAJIRI, as Syuri does battle with team DQN’s Nagisa Nozaki.  New champions will be crowned in those matches, and history will be written.

Last year, when SMASH held its championship finals in the men’s and women’s divisions, I faced TAJIRI in the men’s final and defeated him to become the first-ever SMASH Champion in history.  One month earlier, Kana defeated Syuri to become the first-ever SMASH Diva Champion.   I would go on to lose the SMASH Championship to Dave “Fit” Finlay in November 2011, whereas Syuri would get her comeuppance over Kana, winning the SMASH Diva Championship in February of this year, right before SMASH ceased operations.

Syuri (photo by Kazu Yanagi)

Syuri (photo by Kazu Yanagi)

I would have personally loved to have been able to make it to the finals of the WNC title tournament, but as the saying goes, “United we stand, divided we fall.”  In so saying, I can only wish for the best of luck to both AKIRA and to Syuri, both of whom I respect very much as teammates and competitors.  They are worthy of the gold.

On Saturday, December 15, FCF Wrestling holds their last card of the year for 2012 … just in time before we find out if the world actually ends on December 21, as many seem to believe.

However the doomsday chips may fall on December 21, at DOMination 7 on December 15, good ol’ StarBuck will once again step into the ring to do battle with gender bending fan favorite Jessica Love.  I have faced Jessica twice in the past, once in October 2010 in Helsinki and last in March of this year in Porvoo, and both times I have beaten the tranny decisively with my spike piledriver.  However, just as legendary wrestling manager Jim Cornette would say, Jessica “keeps popping up like a pimple on prom night.”  No matter how concisely I prove that my alternative lifestyle-toting opponent can’t get the job done against me, “it” just keeps coming back for more and more abuse.

Jessica Love gets whacked good and proper in 2010

Jessica should take a look at how I dominated in my ECW-style match a week ago in Copenhagen, bringing home the win once again, just to refresh “its” memory, as to how dangerous this veteran of the ring wars can truly be.  At DOMination 7 on December 15 in Helsinki at DOM Discotheque, in my book it’s the third strike for Jessica Love, after which “it” may seek glory on a level below that of “The Lord and Master of FCF”.

Jessica Love is one piledriver away from a broken neck, and if “it” wants to play with fire, “it” will get burned.

DOMination 7
15.12.12 @ 19:00
DOM Discotheque Helsinki
Fredrikinkatu 42, Helsinki
Tix at the door 12e, tix in advance 10e (+ door charge)

Pre-order your tickets for DOMination 7 online here and save cash:

This past weekend in Helsinki, Finland, a new FCF Champion was crowned in King Kong Karhula. After surviving a first round Triple Threat match involving myself and ”Wildman” Heimo Ukonselkä (in which Karhula managed to pin me following a World’s Strongest Slam), the 130kg behemoth would go on to defeat old rival, gender bender Jessica Love, in the semi-finals, and then upset Valentine in the finals to become the new titleholder.

King Kong Karhula got the duke over Yours Truly (Photo by Mika Kallasmaa)

Firstly, I have to say that Karhula was more aggressive than ever before in his tournament outings this weekend. His sheer relentlessness and urgency led to him capitalizing at a crucial moment in the opening round threeway match, which was sabotaged in part by FCF valet Barbie, as I am told she pushed my foot off of the ropes in the closing pinfall – a move that was unnoticed by the referee in the heat of the moment. I have no idea what Barbie’s agenda and intentions were, but I promise to get that sorted out, because she cost me dearly this past weekend, as I was looking to score my fifth FCF title to date.

FCF photographer Jarmo Katila happened to be backstage when I cornered Barbie, and he took this shot.

I have had more than my fair share of trouble in the past with Barbie when she was Valentine’s valet a couple of years back, when she would constantly interfere in my matches. Barbie has since sided with Kristian Kurki, who is now indefinitely on the sidelines with a serious back injury at the hands of Valentine earlier this year. How apropos. However, I have no idea what Barbie’s issue with me is this time around. I did however manage to corner her after the event in her dressing room, but as the video below shows, I didn’t get any answers … yet.

Karhula’s match against Jessica Love on Satuday, August 25th was one of the BEST matches I have EVER seen in all of the past nine years that professional wrestling has been promoted domestically in Finland. Words cannot describe the level of excellence here, and I dare say that the match that these two had easily wipes the mat with 85% of anything that I have seen on WWE or TNA broadcasts in the past two years. Once again, I must say that the level of aptitude and match quality in FCF Wrestling these days blows away the bulk of the competition and contemporaries in the mat game today.

Karhula’s tournament final win against 4-time FCF Champion Valentine was decisive and clean, capitalizing at the most opportune moment to claim victory. Karhula’s package piledriver was downright nasty, and with it he put away Valentine, claiming the FCF title in the process. With that win, King Kong Karhula – after the seven years he has been in professional wrestling hunting after his first championship – became the hunted in one fell swoop.

The return of both The Mighty Perkules and Stark Adder was received with open arms and much anticipation by the FCF fans in Helsinki this past weekend, although neither man advanced to the semi-finals. Perkules lost clean to Valentine and Adder lost to Jessica Love in the opening round. Whereas Perkules took his loss in stride and even congratulated his foe, Adder clearly was left with a bitter taste upon loss in the opening round of the tournament. In the semi-final round as King Kong Karhula faced Jessica Love, Adder assaulted a fallen Jessica at ringside and left Karhula to pick the bones, leading to a tainted victory for the new FCF Champion. My bet is that Adder, being a one-time FCF Champion, is somewhat disgruntled at the fanfare and support that Jessica Love has gotten from the fans, propelling the gender bender’s career like a rocket over the past couple of years in both Scandinavia and Japan.

Jessica Love managed to squeeze by the returning Stark Adder (Photo by Mika Kallasmaa)

Speaking of the Land of the Rising Sun, I leave for Japan on Tuesday this coming week to fight for Wrestling New Classic. Teaming with AKIRA and Syuri, our trio will face TAJIRI, Mikey Whipwreck and Kana in a series of barbed wire matches across Japan next week. The first will be in Tokyo at Korakuen Hall on August 30th, then on August 31st in Osaka and on September 1st in Toyohashi. I have a feeling things are going to get ugly…

FCF Wrestling just announced a huge match-up for Punishment in Porvoo 2 on Sunday, March 11 in Porvoo, Finland: StarBuck vs. Jessica Love for the #1 contendership to the FCF Championship, currently held by “Wildman” Heimo Ukonselkä.

Gender bending fan favorite Jessica Love and myself could not be further apart as polar opposites.  Jessica embodies the alternative lifestyle of the modern age that is being pushed hard in the media and everywhere, whereas I represent the old school right down to the man being the head of the house and women wanting it that way.  Jessica is a high-flying risk-taker, I stick to the basics to get the job done as efficiently and simply as possible.

As much as we have traveled together to Japan to wrestle on multiple occasions, Jessica and I have never really gotten along.  We have more or less tolerated each other, for the sake of the business that we are in.  I know Jessica Love has never really cared for StarBuck, nor have I ever really cared for Jessica Love.  Perhaps you could say that in this respect, we are natural enemies.

Now, in one week’s time at Punishment in Porvoo 2, Jessica Love and myself vye for the #1 contender status as it relates to the FCF Championship.  I have held that title belt four times to date.  Jessica is still looking for that elusive first time to wear the FCF Championship.

Jessica Love will have to bring the damnedest fight that he/she has within him/her on Sunday, March 11th.  Anything less will spell 100% sure defeat for the gender bender, because Jessica Love knows that StarBuck shows no remorse and gives no quarter.

Jessica Love has quickly risen in popularity in FCF Wrestling and in Japan with the SMASH organization over the past two years.  I am sure Jessica would love to rise above StarBuck and cement a personal legacy in professional wrestling by one day becoming the FCF Champion – a title that has changed hands on two continents and has been held by five different nationalities since its inception, making it one of the most sought-after titles in the world of European professional wrestling.

There’s only one problem though.  That problem is named StarBuck.

Jessica Love will need more than Lady Luck to topple this veteran in Porvoo on March 11th.  Jessica is going to need a miracle.

For more event infos, go to

Last night at FCF Wrestling’s flagship show of the year – Talvisota VI (Winter War VI) in Helsinki – the fans on hand witnessed a truly memorable event that will undoubtedly go down as one of the best cards in Finnish pro wrestling history.

With a capacity audience on hand at the Helsinki Sports Hall, human tank Ibo Ten and gender bending fan favorite Jessica Love fought a wicked Tables, Ladders & Chairs match, which was stellar and absolutely breathtaking on every level.  In addition, it was dangerous beyond description and a very high risk affair, but the bad blood between those two finally came to ahead last night and Jessica Love walked away victorious.

In one of the most insane moments that I have ever witnessed live, Jessica leaped off of the scaffolding that was set up for the lighting around the ring onto a prone Ibo Ten lying on a table in the ring.  After the crash, the three-count was merely a formality, ending the war in 23:08.

I waged my personal vendetta against Mikko “Finnhammer” Halme at Talvisota VI, a match that was a tight brawl from start to finish.  Finnhammer really fought like he had a point to prove, and that very well may have been the case, but in the end it was all for nought, as I spiked Finnhammer with my trademark piledriver for the winning pinfall in 17:53.

New FCF General Manager Robert Holmström went out of his way to pour some salt into Finnhammer’s wound of loss, firing him from FCF Wrestling after the match.  Me personally, I think my old friend Herr Holmström is having a hard time wielding the scepter of power, as he has gone a on a few tangents and powertrips as of late.  If this continues, Robert is going to need more backup than his new bodyguard Murskaaja Mieto can afford him.  Just saying…

I was also just recently approached by SWS Wrestling out of Malmö, Sweden, and I will be making my in-ring debut with their company on March 24.  I hear a lot of good things about SWS drawing very good houses and rabid audiences in Malmö, so it will be very interesting to see what the wrestling business over there is like at the end of this month.

On a sadder note, I will be wrestling with SMASH for the last time on March 14 in Tokyo at Korakuen Hall in the main event alongside FCF Wrestling teammate Hajime Ohara against Yoshihiro Tajiri and Akira Nogami at SMASH.26.  The company is closing down due to directional differences between SMASH President Sakai and creative director Tajiri.  Having been with SMASH since its onset, I can only say that I am honored to be in this main event match with three of my good friends in the wrestling business, and we will give it our all on March 14 when the curtain closes for the final time.

Also coming up in two weeks time, FCF Wrestling’s Porvoo Punishment in the town of Porvoo, 40km east of Helsinki.  This card will feature international guest star El Generico in action, so get your tickets early through!

I just arrived back home from Tokyo a few, scant hours ago.  Yesterday, I took part in the gigantic SMASH.25 event at TDC Hall in Tokyo, teaming with FCF wrestlers Hajime Ohara and Jessica Love to face the ZERO1 trio of Masato Tanaka, Shinjiro Otani and Ikuto Hidaka.  In a fast and furious match, Tanaka scored the pinfall over Jessica Love with his sliding elbow strike in 12:40.  In the main event of the card, hard-nosed ring veteran Dave “Fit” Finlay retained the SMASH Championship (which he won from me on Nov. 24, 2011) defeating “The Japanese Buzzsaw” Tajiri in one of the most credible and awesome professional wrestling matches that I have EVER seen live in my life.  Also, Syuri finally defeated Kana for the SMASH Diva Championship in another absolutely stellar ladies match, that has to be seen to be believed.

Ohara also took Jessica and myself to eat at NOAH & PRIDE wrestler Yoshihiro Takayama‘s yakitori (chicken) Stomach Hold restaurant, which I must say has a brilliant name when you consider the fact that it is owned by a wrestler.  I had the pleasure of meeting the boss himself, who was a very friendly big man, along with his wife Natsuko, who helps run the place.  For anyone traveling to Tokyo, be sure to check out Stomach Hold, you will love the food there!

Hajime Ohara, Yoshihiro Takayama and StarBuck (photo: Satomi Kanau)

I also visited the world-famous Ribera Steak House in Tokyo with my Japanese friend Mr. Terasaki, and was pleasantly surprised to see my photo posted on their wall of fame alongside wrestling greats such as Bruiser Brody, Stan Hansen, The Funks, Dick Murdoch, Hulk Hogan and a slew of others.  All I can say is that it was a very humbling experience to join such esteemed company, knowing the significance of Ribera in the wrestling world.  The boss of Ribera even gave me a new black Ribera jacket as a present on this visit, and every wrestler worth his weight knows that those jackets are given like medals of honor to those who wear them.

Me with Veneno from Mexico at the SMASH.25 afterparty (photo: Shinobu Tanaka)

At the SMASH.25 afterparty, I was once again presented with gifts from the Japanese fans.  Among the items I received were seven DVD album box set releases, given to me my my superfan Mayumi, and a stunning framed portrait of my SMASH Championship win from October 2011, given by superfan Masa.  I must say that there is absolutely no other place on Earth that I am aware of, where the fans make the wrestlers feel like larger-than-life icons through their actions, such as noted above.  Just one more reason why Japan is indeed the #1 country for pro wrestling in the world, bar none, in my humble opinion.

Pointing to my photo on the wall of Ribera

I was also pleasantly surprised to see Finnish press from STT (, who were at ringside shooting the FCF vs. ZERO1 match for Finnish media coverage.  This came totally out of the blue, as I received an email upon landing in Japan from the STT people, claiming they had seen the article on me in Finnair‘s Blue Wings magazine, and of course SMASH.25 was plugged in that piece.  They got in contact with the SMASH office, received accreditation, and were part of the official press crew at the event.  In addition, members of the Finnish Embassy in Japan were on hand, rooting for FCF Wrestling, which was very cool indeed.

Next up, Winter War VI (Talvisota VI) on Saturday, Feb. 25 in Helsinki, where I face Finnhammer Halme as part of a huge card.  Talisota VI will be topped off by the first-ever TLC (Tables, Ladders & Chairs match) in Finnish history between gender bending fan favorite Jessica Love and the huge human tank Ibo Ten, and FCF Champion “Wildman” Heimo Ukonselkä defends his title against bad boy and media darling Johnny McMetal.  Eight matches altogether at Talvisota VI on Feb. 25, so be a part of the biggest show of the year in Finland this coming Saturday!

Buy your tickets online through or get them at the door!