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Vote for the best FCF match of 2013.

FCF Wrestling in Finland would like to wish all the fans a Merry Holiday Season, and in doing so, the promotion offers up the chance to vote for your favorite match-up of 2013.  I have a couple of matches up in the running, one where I beat Valentine for the BWA Catchweight championship back in May, and another where I team with my protege Mikko Maestro against Stark Adder and Ricky Vendetta from February.

There’s a whole list of other goodies to choose from, also, as FCF events saw many stellar matches this past year.  Make your voice heard, and place your vote via Facebook at the following app:

Here are the match videos of the candidates, so be sure to cast your vote!

StarBuck Christmas graphic web

Last night at FCF Wrestling’s Lokakuun Luuvitonen event in Vantaa, Finland, I wrestled a young man named Sly Sebastian, giving him arguably his finest match to date.  The kid has a lot of heart, and a definitive get-to-it grasp on things.  I applaud him for his efforts, and last night, Sly Sebastian put his best foot forward.


All that said, however, Sly still could not defeat Yours Truly.  Sure, he put up a gallant effort, but in the end, it was the outside interference of the contingent known as Bättre Folk, that sabotaged our match.  The referee called off the contest, as Valentine assaulted both Sly and I.  For me, this was the second time that my old rival Valentine messed with my bout in the last few months.


Beyond that, however, Valentine has put his hands on my wife over the course of this year four times already.  This last episode last night really exceeded even the lowest of standards.


After calling their newest Bättre Folk cohort, Barbie, to the ring, Valentine and his manager Robert Holmström held my wife, Miss D, as Barbie smacked her across the face.  Following this, Valentine proceeded to mimic a sexual act over my wife’s fallen form.  That, in and of itself, was about as low as someone can get, outside of actually raping their victim.


I have asked for one last outing against Valentine to put an end to this lowlife crap, and that is a stretcher match.  I promised Valentine a stretcher ride when he initially put his hands on Miss D back in March of this year.  Now, I am finally going to make good.  One of us will be carried out of the building on our backs, and I am willing to put up my BWA Catchweight title as a winner-takes-all trophy, when that happens.


Look for it …

On October 26 in Vantaa, Finland, I make my in-ring comeback after rehabbing my C6-C7 vertebrae, against fan favorite grappler Sly Sebastian. This event, entitled Lokakuun Luuvitonen (basically and loosely translated in english: An October punch in the face!), will also be FCF Wrestling‘s comeback to the city of Vantaa, where FCF last appeared in February 2009.

Back on May 11 this year, when I won the BWA Catchweight championship from Valentine in Espoo, Finland, Sly Sebastian put out his challenge for my newly-won title immediately after the match. However, at the time, FCF General Manager Kristian Kurki had other plans for FCF’s next event on June 8, where I was to defend my new gold strap against Sweden’s Conny Mejsel. Therefore, Sly Sebastian never got his wish fulfilled, but alas, here we are in the month of October and all is right in the world again, as now, the young lion gets to prove his worth against the pioneer of our sport here in Finland on October 26 at Vantaa’s Vernissa venue.

I am not putting the BWA title on the line in this match, because like I told Sly back in May, he has to earn his shot at the belt, which means either he has to score notable victories over established names in singles matches, or then he has to beat me in a non-title match. Sly has mainly been a tag team competitor alongside punker Vili Luupää over the past year, and I really don’t see reasonable grounds to just throw out and offer him a title opportunity as of yet.  Maybe in some ways, Sly is experiencing “young lion syndrome“, which bears reading up on, if you are unfamiliar with the concept.

Nonetheless, if the young man Sly Sebastian manages to get the duke on me on October 26 in my Finnish comeback match, then I will be more than happy to oblige and give him his sought-after title contention opportunity.

Sly Sebastian is ambitious, that is for sure. He has improved his game especially over the past year in leaps and bounds, and he is rising up the ladder. But wanting to bite off a chunk that is too big to chew might prove fatal for the young lion at Lokakuun Luuvitonen on October 26 in Vantaa…



Lokakuun Luuvitonen

26.10.2013. Showtime @ 18:00, doors 17:30

Kulttuuritalo Vernissa

Tikkurilantie 36, 01300 Vantaa

The Vernissa cafeteria will be open during the event.


Ringside seats: 20e (Attn: limited amount available!)

Other tickets (standing room only): 12e in advance, 15e at the door.

Ticket pre-sales on till 20.10.2013

Buy your tickets here:


I just returned tonight from England, after competing at the Wrestling Rampage event at the GL1 Leisure Center in Gloucester last night, where I went up against local favorite, “English Bulldog” Matt Jarrett.  The event had a good deal of hype and press, as Jarrett and I did promotion for the show the day prior with BBC, Radio Gloucester FM and main area newspaper, The Citizen, in addition to posters well-spread all across town.

The Citizen newspaper runs a big piece on my match

The Citizen newspaper runs a big piece on my match

I downed Jarrett in our bout, retaining my title in under 10-minutes.  My opponent suffered an injury during the course of the match, which I capitalized on, dropping him with my piledriver in quick order.

I was honored to meet and get to know UK ring legend Marty Jones, with whom I had a really great chat over the ins and outs of the wrestling business, including memories of him working in my homeland of Canada for Stampede Wrestling promoter Stu Hart.  Marty had some hilarious stories about the likes of JR Foley and “Big” John Quinn, one of which entailed Stu’s pet cow Daisy being butchered up behind his back and fed to him as a rather crude prank.  Talk about a rib!

Below is a nifty, old match from the early ’80s, with Marty Jones squaring off against the legendary Dynamite Kid.  Enjoy!

This past weekend, our Finnish FCF Wrestling contingent descended on Gothenburg, Sweden and kicked some major posterior in front of a sold-out 600-strong, screaming audience of grappling fans.  Putting personal differences aside for one night, for the sake of representing the top promotion in Northern Europe today, our faction – comprised of FCF champion King Kong Karhula, “Wildman” Heimo Ukonselkä, Valentine, Jessica Love and myself – made an indelible imprint on the Swedish that will not be soon forgotten.  Indeed, we marked new territory and took names in the process!

Me laying down the smack on GBG boss Lady Delores (photo by Trygve Finkelsen)

Me laying down the smack on GBG boss Lady Delores (photo by Trygve Finkelsen)

For me personally, it was a sweet occasion on the night of September 7, as I was able to exact a measure of personal revenge on GBG’s Conny Mejsel, for the way that he and Valentine left me laying in Helsinki back on June 8 this year.  Truth be told, it was not easy to stand in the same ring alongside Valentine, representing FCF Wrestling, after the way that he has attacked both me and my wife over this past year.  At least we were able to have separate dressing rooms, to keep any possible altercation from happening between our parties backstage.  That said, I can be professional and do business for the sake of the business itself, but as soon as we have our rematch, I will make sure that Valentine is stretchered out of the building.

Aguila Roja is in dire straits at the hands of StarBuck

Aguila Roja is in dire straits at the hands of StarBuck

I was initially scheduled to face Conny Mejsel, but truth be told, since I am still nursing my C6-C7 vertebrae back to health and full function, I was not willing to risk my health at the hands of such a ruthless bastard like Mejsel.  I know that the man will give me a ferocious fight, so I told GBG Wrestlings president Lady Delores, that I would not wrestle Conny Mejsel on September 7 in Gothenburg, and my replacement would be FCF champion King Kong Karhula.  My words fell on deaf ears, as Delores demanded that I face masked man Aguila Roja, and that I would not be getting out of Gothenburg without a fight.  Well, they wanted blood so I gave them blood.  Not only did I put down Roja and beat him unmercilessly, I also floored Conny Mejsel, who felt like he had a bone to pick with me over my decision of not facing him.

Conny Mejsel tastes the wrath of The Rebel!

Conny Mejsel tastes the wrath of The Rebel!

Bad Buddha and Scandinavian Shiva (Masters of the Mystical Arts) assist Mesjel after I left him plastered with my spike piledriver

Bad Buddha and Scandinavian Shiva (Masters of the Mystical Arts) assist Mesjel after I left him plastered with my spike piledriver

Right now, Conny Mejsel is locally on the level of a “Stone Cold” Steve Austin in terms of popularity in Gothenburg.  His hometown cheers him on like the second coming of The Beatles.  I was told after I left Mejsel laid out in the center of the ring following a rambunctious spike piledriver, that I would not be safe walking the streets of the city any longer.  That, folks, is what we call HEAT!

Personally, as soon as my neck injury is rehabilitated and I am back in full fighting form, I will be more than glad to give Conny Mejsel any kind of match that he wants!

Prepare for the inevitable, Mr. Mejsel…


It’s official now, folks: Finland has invaded Sweden!  At least in the world of professional wrestling, and that said, it’s been a long time coming.  You see, for years on end, Finland was under Swedish rule, and the Finns despise the lingering Big Brother mentality of the Swedes.  To this day, the hottest rivalry in Nordic Ice Hockey is between Finland and Sweden, and Finland vs. Russia is a close second, by a hair.

Last weekend in Malmö, Sweden, a literal gang of Finnish wrestlers crashed the SWS Wrestling card on Saturday, August 31.  At the start of the Swedish event, the Finnish grapplers – FCF champion King Kong Karhula, Stark Adder, Valentine, Ricky Vendetta, Aurora Flame, Vili Luupää and Johnny McMetal – steamrolled into the ring out of the audience and kicked the living daylights out of the Swedish pair that was squaring off.  This led to the immediate restructuring of the night’s card, as SWS officials deemed that if Finland came to Malmö to fight, then a fight they would receive!

Now, on Saturday, September 7, five of the best wrestlers out of Finland today – myself, Heimo Ukonselkä, Jessica Love, Valentine and King Kong Karhula – all descend on Gothenburg, Sweden, to take on the best that GBG Wrestling has to offer.  The war cry has been sent out, and now there is not turning back!

GBG poster Sept 7

Personally, I don’t know what this will mean for me, as my herniated C6-C7 vertebrae is far from being healed, but I plan on showing up for sure.  I know that GBG wanted me to wrestle Conny Mejsel at this event in a rematch from FCF Wrestling’s DOMination 9 card back in Helsinki on June 8 this year.  Personally speaking, I still owe Conny Mejsel a receipt big time, for the way that he assaulted me back in June, alongside Valentine, following our match.

The bottom line is, the war is officially ON!